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Thakabbur /Jealousy / Envy / Hasad – Destroys Our Aqidah

Most of the time Thakabbur is the main cause of Jealousy, Envy and Hasad.

Thakabbur is the greatest disease that the shaithan shown to the world through his disobedience to Allah’s hukum.

The first crime of Iblis – shaithan, which caused him to be in Jahannam forever, his eternal abode.

Thus, because of this, Iblis and the shayatheen are always envious and jealous of our chance of getting into Jannah. They will utilize all their energy to divert the mankind from the straight path.

So what will shayatheen do? They create and trigger Thakabbur and Hasad into our hearts so that we can be envious or feel ire over another person’s  rizq or victory when in actual fact we do not feel as such, as we are believers.

The first ire of Iblis was when he realized that becuase of his disobedience to Allah he will have to face the severe punishment of jahannam, thus, he felt envy towards Nabi Adam (as) and started to whisper to Nabi Adam (as) to go near the forbidden fruit that Allah forbade to eat.

This is also the way that shaithan will whisper into our hearts so we will feel this ire. NaoozubiLlah min zalika.

Thakabbur or Hasad is a disease of the aqidah (obedience to Allah). Hasad comes from Thakabbur.

If there is an atomic measurement of  thakabbur in our hearts impossible for us to enter paradise, NaoozubiLlah min zalika.

Just like Thakabbur, Hasad is a disease that causes us to deviate from the straight path, this causes us to create animosity or fitnah among the community.

Causes of hasad are due to

• the inheritance of shaithanic character
• acting against the wish of Allah
• disobedience to Allah and against the sunnah of our beloved Nabi (saw)
• ungratefulness to Allah for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon them
• the sickness of the heart
• forgetting that Allah Provides the Rizq which no one else can sustain us
• lack of patience and sabr with Allah’s Qadha, Qadar and Taqdir
• lack of fear about Allah’s punishment
• careless about deviating from the straight path, NauzubiLlahi minzalika.
• doesn’t care about hell-fire
• false hope about entering jannah
• companionship with shayatheen
• and many more

However there are ways to kill off this sickeness of the heart by avoiding certain things and practising these instead

• remember Allah always
• be in sunnah Nabi (saw)
• be always with righteous people
• love for others what you love for yourself
• be on noble people’s path
• always say  good about people
• beg for Allah’s protection from Thakabbur and Hasad.
• always hope for Allah’s Rahmah
• always think positively  about Allah’s will and decree.
• Look at those below us and be thankful instead of looking at those above and be envious of their success

The only way to kill this envy feeling from our hearts of ire is to be happy for the other person and we make dua or supplication that our rizq will be better than before and that Allah will grant our wish in sha Allah.

Ya Allah, we beg You to accept our thaubah and forgive our sins of Thakabbur or hasad that we know or do not know of.

Ya Allah we beg You to protect us from people who have Thakabbur or hasad towards us secretly or Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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