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Signs of Our Good Deeds Are Accepted

Have you ever wondered if your good deeds have been accepted? We all wonder about it all the time as I often do of course.

At times, Allah swt may show us some signs that He has accepted our good deeds, for example

1) Eagerness to do continually good deeds one after another

2) Fear of doing any bad deeds and keeping away from them always

3) Constantly striving to be on the right path always

4) Aways doing what pleases Allah swt, and only hope for Allah’s pleasure at all times.

Ya Allah we beg for Your forgiveness and Rahmah.

Ya Allah we beg You to accept our Taubah and grant us more thoufeeq to do more good deeds.

Ya Allah we beg You to accept all our tiny good deeds, so our good deeds will be heaviest most on the day of yaumul hisaab. Ameen Ameen Ameen ya Allah.


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