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Live Our Life As A “Tourist” With ‘Pictures Worth’ to Be Presented for the Hereafter.

This world is just a temporary place of reside. Our final destination will be Hereafter. Thus, as travellers of this dunya (life), what kind of pictures have we taken to be presented to our Allah?

We are all going through this life as though we are tourists travelling through and vising each country but never will settle in one place. And each of the tourist will always have a camera or the latest model handphone of this modern age, in order to capture the scenery or the view, the beauty of this world and what you did when you were there to be kept as a memory or to exhibit to others what were your activities there and the places which you have visited.

During this Covid 19 pandemic, we may not be able to travel around the world as freely as before due to travel restrictions but we are still taking pictures consciously or sub-consciously to be displayed for others in our IG (instagram) or FB (facebook) or to be kept as memories. This is the reflections of our life journey.

Thus the pictures of our life journey and it’s reflections those we take in this present time or around the “world” are no different than the ‘pictures’ we have to take back to show to our Creator, Allah swt! These are the “original pictures of our life” that we are presenting to our Allah.

Our life and it’s all movements are recorded as more clarity pictures in the record book of Allah, for each and every individual has a book of actions/deeds separately.

All the recorded pictures of our life’s journey in this world represent our deeds either good or bad and the things that what we have done in this world for Allah or otherwise (nauzubiLlahi min zalik).

This life is our shortest journey, so live as though we are only tourists who will never stay permanently in one place so take a worthful of pictures to take back to the hereafter where we will reside for all eternity. Allahu Akhbar!

These ‘pictures’ of our life journey captured by Allah’s appointed angels will be our presentation to Allah in the day of judgement.

• How many pictures and what type of pictures of our life journey we have captured to submit to our Allah?

•How many pictures of our entire life would have been captured by the angels of Allah in this world to submit to Allah in the day of judgement?

•  Would the pictures of our life journey be presentable to Allah???!!!!! Allahu Akbar

•  What would our pictures be ….when we return them to Allah upon our death????

Ya Allah, we beg with Your Mercy and Forgiveness to make all our “taken pictures” be pictures of our “righteous deeds recorded” in our dunia life ….. which would represent in the day of judgement as our humble submissions for You Ya Allah.

Ya Allah we beg for Your forgiveness for all our shortcomings and weaknesses in our humble submissions to You ya Allah
Ameen Ameen Ameen Ya Allah

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