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Isra’ And Mi’raj – The Significance Of The Month Of Rajab And Not Just A Journey

This was not just any journey that our beloved nabi Muhammad (saw) took in this month 1400 years ago. In this unique ascension – journey, our beloved Nabi (saw) met our beloved Allah swt, a unique manifestation of truth a nonequivalent miraculous incident.

The award of an unique divine gift of Five time solah was also prescribed and was given to our beloved Nabi (saw) on this journey.

The mi’raj – night journey happened on the 27th of Rajab. The event happened after the death of our beloved Khadijah (ra) our beloved nabi Muhammad (saw)’s wife, ummul mu’mineen (mother of believers) and Nabi Muhammad (saw)’s most beloved uncle Abu Talib, the one who tremendously loved our beloved Nabi (saw), protected our beloved Nabi (saw) from the enemies, in that year our beloved Nabi (saw) lost his two beloveds who were our beloved Nabi’s everything.

Isra-Mi’raj of our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) ascension was not a spiritual one, as some people misunderstood but it was both physical and spiritual journey, which was a unique life altering journey of our beloved Nabi (saw).

The journey began from masjidil Haraam – Makkah to masjidil Al-Aqsa – Palestine and ended up in ArshuLlah.

This unique ascension journey is indescribable, Almighty Allah swt brought His most beloved servant Muhammad to His ultimate presence which was also unusual, SubhanalLah.

In this most significant journey, Allah swt showed our beloved Nabi (saw) many truths, miraculous things and incidents and the true realities of Jannah and Jahannam.

On this eventful trip, our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) saw many prophets of Allah, people of Jannah and also saw the people who are suffering in Jahannam. All these are unique unexplainable and beyond the time.

The journey gave beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) an overview of what jannah and jahannam looks like, so he can pre-warn his ummah.

Our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) confirmed many truths through his witnessed realities along his Mi’raj journey, for example all the ways to how to get to Jannah and also how to not to fall in to jahannam.

The followings are some of the blessings that we were gifted with during this journey.

  • Fifty times prescribed daily obligatory solah reduced to Five times a Day
  • Last verses of Suratul Baqarah were revealed to beloved Nabi (saw). The last two Ayahs of Surah Baqarah starting from Ayah 285 (i.e Amanar Rasulu…) till the end.
  • Beloved Nabi ( saw) was promised that all those from his Ummah (followers) who refrained from ( shirk) ascribing partners to Allah Ta’ala would be forgiven for their Major sins [if they repent, or Allah wills so].
  • And also many other unique blessings and promises

Dear Allah. Thank you for gifting the night of Isra’ and Mi’raj. Ya Allah we beg You to grant us jannatul firdause as those who You have promised on the night journey of our beloved Nabi (saw).
Ameen Ameen Ameen Ya Allah

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