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What Is Zakat? And Why it is made Compulsory?

Alhamdulilllah to our beloved Allah swt. The blessed month of Rajab is here once again, which signifies that the sacred month of Ramadhan is nearing us, SubhanalLah.

As I have previously written in my blog titled Respect and the Significance of the Month of Rajab“, one of the four Months that Allah swt made sacred and made a lot of blessings in it.

Rajab is a very blessed month, Allah swt graced Rajab with many barakah, in this blessed month we must increase whatever possible righteous deeds, especially give sadaqah or do more charity. Thus we must bear in mind that any type of sadaqah is very much encouraged in this month, so that we can begin sowing our seeds of deeds for Allah swt. Giving charity.

Paying Zakat is an obligatory duty on every Muslim, a religiously prescribed way to help the needy and it is our third pillar of Islam. It is wajib or compulsory on every Muslim who are qualified/eligible to pay Zakat, as prescribed in Islam.

So what is Zakat?

Paying Zakat is a prescribed religious duty, it is for the purification of our wealth. This is an ibadah. Zakat literally “money laundry” (not from riba’) to cleanse our income that we earned.

A prescribed part of our income belongs to others, thus if we keep it, we will be keeping other prople’s portion, which is equal to stealing othe people’s right and eventually using it is equal to robbery! ….. If we do not give it away which will become haram for us. Nauzubillahi minzalik.

This is the reason that Allah swt has prescribed zakat as wajib or compulsory on those who are eligible to do so. A beautiful economical justice! What a balance! SubhanalLah.

Allah swt is Fair and Just hence paying Zakat is made obligatory on all Muslims, this is when the fortunate are able to help the needy or less fortunate.

What are the benefits of giving zakat. Why need to give zakat and charity

1) We are giving zakat to help the less fortunate, if everyone gives Zakat as prescribed by Islam, there are no poverties in this world (this shows how Allah swt is just).

2) As a gratitude and being thankful to Allah for all His bounties that have been bestowed upon us.

3) To be humble and to feel humanity when we help others.

4) To keep harmony in a community through compassion.

5) To feel compassion towards others and be a selfless individual

6) To discard the feeling of greed and boasting.

7) To give equality to the less fortunate and share with them.

8) Cleansing and purifying our souls

9) To keep our families and ourselves protected from harm or disaster by the barakah of charity
in sha Allah.

Ya Allah we beg for Your Rahmah to steadfast all of us on the right path, obeying Your laws, and imitating the sunnah of Your beloved Nabi (saw).

Ya Allah grant all of us thoufeeq to give our zakat sincerely and by the barakah of our Zakat and sadaqa protect all of us from all the musibah, fitnah, any harm and danger. Ameen Ameen Ameen Ya Allah.

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