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The Essence Of This Blog : My Dua, Ya Allah

Dear Allah, i know You are ever listening, all seeing and above all else, all knowing….

This is the total essence of the blog, this is my humble dua, Ya Allah……, i am here on your sacred land, performing umrah, meeting and submitting myself totally in front of You, Ya Allah.

Submitting my heart, body, mind and soul totally to you, dear Allah!

Let this be a declaration that i bear witness that there is no other god to be worshiped and to be submitted totally except You my ALLAH and I bear witness that Nabi Muhammad ‘saw’ is the Final Messenger of You my ALLAH

May this declaration be a witness for my day of judgement in sha Allah….

Please dear Allah, grant me more knowledge and thoufeeq for the cause of You!

I am begging You Allah, not to ever deviate me from Your Righteous path, always keep me aligned and steadfast for Your cause…..

Please grant me ease of journey in whatever task I do for You and in the form of family and friends….. (only You know what is in my heart)

Please give me strength and energy to do more for You, Dear Allah…….

Please keep me in good health and protect me from any dire or chronic illness so I can do more for You…

Where ever I am, especially on Your Sacred Land, please protect me from any form of calamities, let the germs or any sickness be a remedy instead of otherwise. Dear Allah, only You can make it happen….. Kun Fa Ya Kun

Protect me from being lazy and complacent and any other disturbances when i do any task for You…..

Please let whatever task I am assigned to do be a place of ibadah for You…..

Please provide me with an abundance of wealth so I can do more for You….

Please keep me grounded always, not to have takabbur nauzubillah

Please let this blog be a constant reminder for my purpose in this life and let it also be a guidance for those who are looking for You in sha Allah…..

There are only 3 types of deeds that a person can bring back to you 1) charity for the cause of Allah, 2) dua from soleh children and 3) knowledge that is benefitial for the ummah….. i beg to You Allah, let this blog be one of my deeds that i can bring back to You and as a form of knowledge that can continue for generations after in sha Allah and be of benefit for the ummah….

Please grant my husband and children realization so they too can enjoy Your presence and able to experience the real beauty of You….

Please forgive all of my sins in the past, in the present and in the future. Dear Allah You love to forgive so i am begging You to forgive me….

Please redha and grant me rahmah for all that i am destined to do for You.

And when the time I finally go back to You, please take me back to You with ease….

Please let me be reunited with my family and friends and the saleheens before when we all return back to You…

Dear Allah, in this world and after, i only have You so i need You and depend only on You…., i have no one else….

Dear Allah please find a cure and irradicate the corona virus or any other kind of plague. You are the curer for all sickness. Ya Allah

Please let there be peace in this world, Ya Allah

Please invite me again to Your Sacred Land as your guest again….in sha Allah

Dear Allah, please let this be my dua for always…… Ameeen Ya Rabbal Alameeen

Please grant those who are reading this blog, their wishes and forgive their sins too….. Ameeeen Ya Rabbal Alameen


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