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Whatever Good We Do Is Charity.

Why does Allah encourages us to do good deeds especially in the form of charity? No doubt, all the good words, deeds, thoughts, aids and supports that we do for ourselves and for others with sincere intention for the sake of Allah is a charity. It is part of our fard kifayah or habluminnas.

I realized that it is more than spiritual cleansing. In actual fact, Allah is asking us to focus on other people’s problem rather than focussing on our own problems which only Allah can solve most of the time.

Helping others is a religiously prescribed duty on everyone of us. Thus, by aiding others, our lives are more concerntrated in solving other people’s problem and with that, we know, our problems are trivial that what other people are facing, realizing that truth we become more of a thankful servants of Allah swt.

In giving assistance to others means we are submitting ourselves to Allah thus we become more grateful to Allah for the blessed life that Allah has given us.

During the recent flood, my children and i helped with cleaning one of the affected homes from the mud flood. I explained to my children that what we are doing is similar to Jihad for Allah.

Alhamdulilllah, at the moment we are not living in the times of war for the cause of Allah but this is the given opportunity – a Jihad, for all of us to fight for the cause of Allah by helping those who are in need. For me indeed, if we do not help others, we tend to focus on ourselves and hence become self-centered – “its all about me”. Normal circumstances, I do not focus on what others do and what they think!

My Dua’ and hope that others also may be granted more eagerness and opportunities than me to help others. Sharing and caring sincerely for the sake of Allah is the beauty of our aqeedah, being self-centered is a trait of the shaithan which we do not want to be inherited at all! NaoozubiLlah min zalik.

Ya Allah we beg You for Your forgiveness on our weakness and careless for not being thankful to You for Your bounties especially in our times of ease.

Ya Allah we beg You to grant us more thoufeeq and more opportunities with istiqamah in helping others for them to have a better life for You.

Ya Allah we beg You to grant us thoufeeq with Isthiqamah for us to become thankful servants seeking Your pleasure. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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