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Halal Is Clear, Haram Is Clear

For a believer, there is a clear distiction between Halal and Haram, no doubt about that.

What is Halal and what is Haram?

Halal means whatever Allah swt made permissible and allowed for us, for example : consuming slaugtered permissible animals according to Allah’s decree that has been written in the Quranul Kareem and Assunnah.

Haram means whatever Allah prohibited and not allowed for us, for example non halal meat, alcohol and gambling etc…as Allah prescribed in the noble alQuran and beloved Allah’s messenger prescribed in his sunnah.

Thus, it is essential for believers to know and understand what is permissible and impermissible by our Creator – Allah, so we do not transgress against Allah’s will.

Ya Allah  we beg for Your forgiveness for any of our shortcomings in our obedience to Your laws of Haram and Halal, whatever mistakes happened knowingly, unknowingly or intentionally in our life we beg for your forgiveness ya Rabbal aalameen

Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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