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The Noble Al Quran Is Truth

Allah swt out of His infinite Rahmah gave us brain with “understanding capability” so that we can have an intellectual mind. From the faculties of our brain and mind we are able to understand and comprehend certain things…. as Allah swt designed.

Only Allah’s revealed knowledge is flawless and clear knowledge, only this knowledge leads human mind to achieve intellectual perfection.

Only through the perfection of our intellectual mind’s clear knowledge and clear understanding of the noble alQuran we would be able to achieve a clear understanding of the “truth and guidance”!

Only truly guided human intellectual mind through the guidance of noble alQuran – perfect knowledge, he can understand the Creator of this universe and the reality of this universe,

The noble alQuran taught us a lot about the Creator and His creation. Through Allah’s creations we would understand more about the powers of the Creator. Only truly guided intellectuals understand the truth, no doubt about that.

This world and its creation is wonderful, many research studies have been made about our earth, sea, planets and galaxies, for example study about the meeting of the two seas, how the planets are moving in its orbits? Why mountains were created? How human have been created? The human embryo formation, how does the day and night happen? and many more….. all these have been disclosed in the noble al Quran as the Greatness of Creator. The science have no other choice but just to agree with all the guidance and teachings of the noble alQuran.

Our noble al Quran has been around for the past 1400 years. It has not changed since it was revealed to our beloved nabi Muhammad (saw) and it will remain in its original text forever. Allah swt has protected the entire noble alQuran from being changed, altered or manipulated by anyone, It is impossible to change or alter alQuran, Allah swt promised that He will protect His noble alQuran

Whatever Allah swt have said in the noble al Quran all are truth and will remain truth whereas whatever told by shaithon and shaithanic followers all are untruth, falsehood and lies….. and will remain as falsehood and untruth forever.

Allah swt shows us the truth, so we will not go astray from the right path and eventually will achieve the success and ultimate victory in dunia and akhirat, whereas shaithon will show us the untruth, lies, falsehood and deceives humans and deviates them from seeing the truth and eventually they will fail and perish with great lost in dunia and akhirah, Nauzubillahi min zalik.

Ya Allah we beg for Your help to protect all us from shaithon and shaithanic people and their deceptions.

Ya Allah please forgive all of us from our weak -mind and make us steadfast on Your straight path with strong and positive mind!

Ya Allah steadfast us as true believers on the truth on the straight path of Islam as You revealed in the noble alQuran. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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