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Always Have A Positive Mind Towards Allah

Are you a positive or a negative person?

I often think that most successful people are of positive mind. They often think a glass half filled with water is half full of a glass instead of half empty. They never give up or give in during whatever situation they are presented with. When you are a positive person, whatever that comes in the way will be easy instead of thinking that it is an obstacle and ways to evade the obstruction and not be hampered down by the boulder that is in our way. Subhana Allah.

Always putting Allah first in whatever we do will consequently result in positive thoughts. We believe in Allah and we also believe that only Allah be the one Who help us to solve all our problems , that we may have at any time.

This is the most appropriate time for all of us to think positive towards our Allah swt. Only Allah swt Knows why He has created the covid-19 virus. Hence, Only Allah swt can protect us from this pandemic.

Thinking positive towards Allah swt will strengthen us to
• Believe and trust in Allah and eagerly beg for His help, and to be more reliant towards Allah more than everything by all means.
• Make us align our lives and values towards the right and truthful ways
• To keep ourselves in check the right and proper guidance that has already been outlined by Allah Islam.
• To keep ourselves in constant remembrance of our Creator the One Who Created the whole galaxy, everything and beyond…. Allahu Akbar!
• To constantly keep in mind that this world is just a temporary place of reside and that jannah or jahannam will be eternal, Subhana Allah ! Ya Allah forgive all of us and bless with Jannah.

Ya Allah, we beg You to grant all of us positive of mind and steadfast on Tawakkal in You, even though we are going through a “trying and testing time”. La hawla wa la quwwatha Illa biLlah.

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