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To Be A Believer

Why do we need to become a believer? Do we often hear of our parents saying “this is what happens when you dont believe me!”. Why do they say so?

They have said so because they have gone through the particular situation before and thus they wanted to warn us about it……

Similarly when we are as parents or adults and we give a similar warning to our children or those younger than us as we have gone through a similar incident as well.

Suddenly our thoughts turn to “yes our parents were right! What they said had been right all along, if only we believed them!”

Like us, as believers, we must have a strong belief in whatever Allah swt. has prescribed for us in the noble al- Quran.

Allah swt is All Knowing and there is nothing happening without His Knowledge. Only He knows past, present and future.

Thus, it is an undeniable fact that we must believe in all the truths and clear proofs that have been shown to us in the Noble al- Quran.

The noble al- Quran have taught us what is right and what is wrong, the noble al-Quran also differentiated between the truth and false, clearly guided and showed us what is haram and halal.

Allah swt promised the mankind the special rewards to those who believe in Allah and do righteous deeds and the punishments to those who have transgressed and purposely do wrong deeds. NauzubiLlahi minzalika.

It is wajib on the mankind and jinn to believe in the noble al-Quran and its messages, so that; unfailingly we declare and proclaim that “Yes, we do believe!”

Ya Allah we beg You to enter all of us with our Iman – belief in You and in Your noble al-Quran to Your jannah al- Firdause. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

Ya Allah we beg You to steadfast our hearts with Iman kamil, believing in all the truth and clear proofs that You have revealed in the noble al-Quran. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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