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Arkanul Islam – The Five Pillars

Islam is based  on the five pillars which are

1) Declaration of two Kalimah Shahadah : It is Not Just A Proclamation But Our Complete Submission to Allah swt and His Messenger (saw), this is the fundamental Ibadah of Muslims Towards Allah swt.
2) Establish and Perform Regular Five Times Solah. This Ibadah is Unique and Our Ultimate Solace.
3) Give Zakath as Prescribed.  Must do it with proper understanding What Is Zakat? And Realizing Why it is made Compulsory in Islam?
4) Fast in the Month of Ramadhan as Prescribed. Must do this Ibadah with proper understanding Why Fasting in Ramdhan is Prescribed and What Does Fasting Truly Mean For The Muslims.
5) Perform The Sacred Haj Pilgrimage – the 5th Pillar Of Islam as Prescribed.
Must perform this Ibadah with proper understanding Why Ibadah Haj is Prescribed in Islam  and What Does Ibadah Haj Truly Mean For The Muslims.

Significance :
Allah swt is all knowing and He prescribed all these five pillars  to strenghten our imaan, our closeness and taqwa towards Him.

Synopsis of the five pillars are :

• Shahadah is our fundamental “intention” that Only for Allah swt. Our entire life and all and everything that we are doing is Only for Allah’s sake.

• Five times Solah is our Intentional act of submission  to Allah swt to testify that  “intention” of our life is just to submit ourselves Only for Allah swt.

• Zakat (Sadaqah) is to sacrifice a portion of our worldly belongings for the cause Allah swt and also to show our gratitude towards Allah for all that He has been given to us

• Fasting (Saum) is to achieve piety, discipline, and abstain our mind, body and soul from all the prohibitions and disobedience to Allah. Fasting is not just to abstain from food, drink and lust but fasting is our  intentional sacrifice for Allah solely to be blessed with His satisfaction and pleasure and thus to be rewarded in dunia and akhirah.

• Pilgrimage or haj is a one time obligated Ibadah in our life. Through this pilgrimage we make our ultimate surrender for the love of Allah. During our haj journey we would sacrifice all our worldly comfort and surrender our soul solely to Allah.

Ya Allah, we beg for Your forgiveness and Rahmah

Ya Allah please forgive all of us and please accept all our deeds for You

Ya Allah we only submit and whole heartedly surrender only to You and not to any one else ya Allah. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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