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Greater Jihad : Struggling Against The Evil In Oneself.

To Battle against Oneself Is The Greatest Jihad – Subduing Our Nafs Especially In The Month Of Ramadhan.

What is it? I have often wondered what is the meaning of battle against our own-selves? After much pondering then i realized that it is our own-selves, which means our nafs. ….

By Allah’s Rahmah I could realize that the sacred fasting month is the best month to realize the real meaning of fighting against our own nafs.

The true essence of this fasting month is to obey Allah, “kill-subdue” our nafs and to get closer to Allah.

Ramdhan is our spiritual training month to achieve the great victory over the nafs for the sake of Allah.

As in normal situations shaitan will be the whisperer, stimulator and supporter for everything that is “evil” but in the sacred month of Ramadhan all of them are chained, so it is only our “nafs” is our enemy.

When Allah swt created us we were also given our nafs (desires). There are good desires and bad desires.

Good desires are always towards submission to Allah swt while bad desires are always against the decrees of Allah swt.

Here is the importance of knowledge, through knowing what is good and what is bad.

Submit ourselves to Allah swt through obeying the decrees of Allah, that means doing good things and defeating the bad desires through disobeying our own nafs and shaithan.

It is not only up to our conscience or subconscience merely knowing what is right and what is wrong, but the entire nafs must be controlled and turned to the submissive mood to Allah that is the victory against our own nafs.

For example in the month of Ramdhan as usual every one have the good desires – nafs for food and drink, for sexual pleasure, for being beautiful and many more.

Hence, the unique spiritual training of fasting month is just to contain and absolutely abstain from our good nafs from a scheduled time to a scheduled time – a strict intentional obedience to Allah’s decrees, through this unique training the bad nafs also could be controlled and it will not overpower us.

Once we are able to manage and subdue our nafs in this special month of Ramadhan, in sha Allah we will be able to contain it on normal days. In sha Allah

Ya Allah, with this Ramadhan, please contain our nafs at bay for You Ya Allah. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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