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Death, the Undeniable Truth!

Preparation Of Our Body, Mind And Soul For Death is the Sign of Our Iman.

The wise people are those who have prepare their body, mind and soul for their death.

SubhanAllah, with Allah’s infinite grace and rahmah, this is my 150th article.
Our Return to Allah – Our Inevitable Farewell, Our Death!

When I start to write this title my children start to whisper that this is their mums favourite topic as i am constantly reminding them of it.

Certainly, death is a sure fact once we are born – whether we like it or not! Every one of us will have to face our death. It will happen even if we are prepared for it or not.

In our life, the biggest and greatest test is yet to come no matter how, what, where and when? So are we prepared to welcome it…..yes it is our death?

Alhamdulillah shukur to Allah most of the Masjids in our country have been reopened to the public after months of closure due to this pandemic, SubhanAllah.

However there are still some restrictions such as:
• wearing masks
• 2 doses of vaccination
• social distancing during solah, there is no more shoulder to shoulder touching but a metre or more apart from each other

In my mind’s eye the distancing of our solah reflection of our grave life,  this is how we would be. All lined up but not close to enough, and there is a clear gap between two …….

This represents our death as i wrote in one of  my previous articles titled  “Alone, We will be By Ourselves when We Meet Allah”. SubhanAllah. Through all these situations Allah is giving us some clues to our death, only for those who can see things with their “inner – realization” can understand this.

Death can come anytime, anywhere and anyhow! Allahu akbar. It is clearly revealed especially during this pandemic. May Allah protect all of us from the musibah of wabak. Ya Allah we beg You to prolong our life with Iman, aafiyyah and happiness, Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

Whatever a soul owns in this world must be parted from that soul. This is our death and we cannot run away from it but must welcome it one day. Allahu Akbar!

In sha Allah nothing to worry about life and death, if we accepted both for our Allah.

Life and death is given to us with a purpose, fulfilling that purpose is our mission on earth.

For example, in an exam, if we are prepared for it properly, understood and studied all the subjects according the given instructions we have no fear of the questions that will come up….. the answers are very easy and the results will be excellent.

For Muslims, the objectives, the mission and the questions  of our life all are very clear! Somehow, how do we answer all of them? We answer all of them through our submission to Allah – Our Ibadah.  The  answers for all the questions are fulfilled through our practice of Ibadah according to the given instructions.

If we do not practise it, we will never know how to answer it. It is a
“practical approach” that must be practiced throughout our life.

There is no other way to answer all those questions except through practicing them….that means transforming our body, mind and soul for the sake of Allah with Isthiqamah.

Preparation Of Our Body

• constantly obey Allah
• constantly making solah/sujud
• constantly doing good deeds with our constant ibadah for Allah
• constantly try to keep away from commiting sins
•costantly asking for thoubah and forgiveness from Allah swt.

Preparation Of Our Mind

• do not forget death and constantly remember that one day we must die. Our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) said:  “those who Remember death are the wisest people”
• Always keep Allah in our remembrance, and hope for Allah’s Love, Rahmah and Maghfirah, then our hearts will not fear death.
• We are returning to our Creator, we are going back home, what is there to be afraid of? Ya Allah let us go back home to You with Your Rahmah and Maghfirah. Ameeeen ameeeen ameeen Ya Allah.

Preparation Of Our Soul

• the believers are always prepared for their death, they never fear of death but busy with preparation to go back to Allah to be pleased by Allah through their Ibadah.
• especially during pandemic Covid 19, believers are more close to Allah through their Ibadah and dua’, they are always prepared with their righteous deeds and all other Ibadah.

Social distancing, A word we always hear during pandemic …..this word indicates our loneliness in our graves like how solah jamaah is performed now….. we are not interconnected ….though we are in one masjid each one of them stand in their own place
just like our graves, we will be alone, no one beside us… SubhanAllah.

Are we prepared for our true loneliness? Our Grave life! There will be no one there except our beloved Allah and own deeds ….may Allah accept them all. Allahu Akbar.

• always remember about our Barzakh life and strive to be blessed over-there through our ibadah.
• do not heedless about our true loneliness life, transform our dunya life just to please Allah and His messenger.
• daily read Surah Al-Mulk  before we sleep, it will accompany us in our graves, dua’ to Allah to be blessed with the companionship of our righteous deeds in our grave life.

Ya Allah we are Your weak servants we beg for Your forgiveness,  please shower on us Your rahmah and accept our thaubah with Your infinite Maghfirah. Ameeen ameeen ameeen Ya Allah

Ya Allah we beg You to grant us the thaufeeq and ability to answer the questions which would be asked by Your appointed Angels Munkar and Nakir (as) in our graves. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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