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Ramadhan : Month For Us To Understand More About The Noble Al-Quran

Ramadhan is the month in which the noble al-Quran was revealed, thus, the most sacred month to read and understand the noble al-Quran. We are prescribed to read the noble al-Quran daily, we must not forget to read at least a page a day.

Reading the noble al-Quran, studying and understanding the meaning, to know, accept, obey and practice what Allah swt has conveyed to us through His sacred words is our religious duty.

Hence, during this sacred Ramadhan, the month of the noble al-Quran  is the best month to learn and understand the contents and messages of the noble al-Quran, the reward to read and understand the noble al-Quran in Ramadhan will be multiplied. SubhanalLah!

Some important tips : How to begin to understand the contents of the noble al-Quran

1) Try to understand the noble al-Quran consciously at the beginning of the reading itself; why we are reading it?
We must have a clear intention at the beginning of reading itself, for example the intention must be
• to be blessed with Allah’s Sacred Book
• to be blessed with Allah’s Redha
• to be accept that Allah’s Book as our Imam
• to increase the knowledge from the sacred book of Allah swt. and to be blessed with its guidance.
• to transform ourselves to become pious and a man of taqwa…
• to cleanse our body, mind and soul and to steadfast on a straight path
• to submit ourselves completely with our thaubah in the light of the noble al-Quran
• to search, seek and adhere to a straight path
• to be guided by Allah – the One Who Created us through His book of guidance

2. Find a Scholar who is pious and expert in ilmul-Quran and Tafsir.  Only study and understand the noble al-Quran under such a scholar’s strict guidance

3. Find an authentic al-Quran translation from a true and reliable Islamic source, with the guidance of your Scholar (teacher)

4. Study the Translations and Thafsir of the noble al-Quran with the guidance of your Teacher (scholar) according to the authentic Thafsirs of salafussoliheen

5. Study sahih hadith with the guidance of your Scholar (teacher) to understand the interpretations of the noble al-Quran done by the  salafussoliheen; authentic hadith is another form of islamic jurisdiction that we must study and adhere to.

6. Never learn and try to understand the meaning of the noble al-Quran without proper guidance, nabi Muhammad (saw) recommended tadarus with the guidance of proper  scholars for a better understanding of Allah’s noble al-Quran.

7. Study and find out about the reason of the revelation of each verses with the guidance of your scholar (Teacher)

8. Study and find out the miracles in the noble al-Quran, for example  there are many scientific truths revealed in the noble al-Quran though the noble al-Quran is not a book of science.

9. Study the Islamic religious science from  the noble al-Quran, the origin of all Islamic studies is from the noble al-Quran and the Sunnah, for example  fiqh and aqeedah and many more

10. Declare and accept the noble al-Quran as our Imam.

11. Constantly beg Allah swt for forgiveness, protection, for more knowledge, obey and follow strictly whatever we have learnt from the noble al-Quran as much as possible in the best manner.

Ya Allah, we beg You to accept our reading, studying and understanding of Your noble al-Quran and all our ibadah to You especially in the blessed month of Ramadhan.

Ya Allah, we beg You to grant us more thoufeeq to  understand the noble al-Quran and to practice what has been prescribed for us in Your noble al-Quran.

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