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A Believer Is Fearless

During these trying and testing time of this life threatening pandemic…. only Allah knows our struggles….

1) fear of getting infected
2) fear of infecting others unknowingly
3) fear of loosing our income
4) fear of loosing our work
5) fear of loosing our business
6) fear of unable to pay those working for us
7) fear of lagging behind in our childrens education

If i were to list down our fears…. it will be countless…. SubhanalLah.This is because Allah swt made us to feel fear.

Why would Allah swt create fear in our hearts????

The answer is to remind the heedless human that only Allah swt has the power to protect him from all the calamities … One else except Allah swt, so that we can always turn back to Allah swt and beg for His ultimate help to be protected from this pandemic.

When there is a fear, we tend to have more belief in Allah! We know no one has the power to give and take away this pandemic except Almighty Allah, Allahu Akbar. This is a unique relationship between Allah swt and His servants.

When our belief in Allah swt is strong, it will supercede all other fears that we have, InshaAllah.

A believer is strong because we have Allah swt in our hearts.

Ya Allah please forgive all our sins and make us a strong believer in You Ya Allah. Ameen Ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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