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After Hardship Comes Ease

We must understand that surely, with the hardship, there is relief, our duty is just to beg Allah for the relief and keep patience.

Allah swt says:

سَیَجۡعَلُ ٱللَّهُ بَعۡدَ عُسۡرࣲ یُسۡرࣰا

After a difficulty, Allah will soon grant relief.
(Surah at-Talaq, 65:7)

This promise is only for the one who beg for Allah’s help, wait for relief from Allah swt, and trust in His promise (that the relief will come). 

As for the one who despairs of the mercy of Allah swt, relief may not come, his affairs are made even harder for him. NaoozubilLah min zalik

The strength of the servants of Allah is nothing but their Dua’ and Tawakkal, we always must beg for Allah’s mercy and help.

The Rahmah of Allah swt is infinite, so we never despair of Allah’s Rahmah! The more we make our Dua’ to Allah, with Trust and Belief in Allah swt, the closer His help is, Allahu akbar.

In the history, I have realized that we have been blessed with lots of ease and comfort especially after the world war.

For example, my mother used to say that her mother had to hide herself in a man made hole during the Japanese occupation at the time around second world war so that they will not be captured. Allahu Akbar.

At that point of time, she was just a little girl aged 4 or 5, Subhana Allah.

It is impossible for me to think or imagine about such a horrified situation, how difficult was their life in that situation? Allahu Kareem.

Alhamdulilllah we were given ease after the world war and many countries have flourished after the war devastation took place.

Although some countries are still suffering with some difficulties after the Second World War, it is just because of human corruption and mischief but in general, many have achieved victories in ways of economy and infrustructure. Alhamdulilllah.

Thus the history teaches us that, with every hardship, there will be ease.

Ease will be granted when we have our Iman during the time of our tribulations.

If we steadfast our Iman with Isthiqamah during the time of easiness then Allah swt will grant us Easy when we are facing difficulties.

If Allah had not given any hardship, we may lost in the deceptions of this world, that may lead us to forget our Creator.

With this pandemic, there are visible signs of hardship in terms of health and wealth, we are jarred back into the reality of the existence of Allah, Who is the Creator of this universe and all and everything.

This tribulation talks to the world that, O’ man you have no power but only Allah, the almighty has the power! So just turn to Your God.

Hence, not only at our hardship time that we remember Allah but also we must remember Allah at our time of ease as well.

We must have Allah in our remembrance, and unfailingly thankful to the bounties of Allah swt.

Ya Allah, we beg You to forgive all our sins major or minor, seen or unseen.

Ya Allah we beg You to ease all our hardships those we are facing

Ya Allah include all of us among those who are constantly in rememberance of You. Those who live and die in Your remembrance. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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