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Day Of Ashura – One Day Fasting A Year’s Forgiveness Is Promised

Absolution Of Our Sin The Previous Year For Fasting On The Day Of Ashura Allamdulillah the sacred month of Muharram, the month that symbolises migration or moving away from bad behavior and dirty actions to good behaviour and righteous actions is here for us to renew our resolution to be someone better in sha Allah.Continue reading “Day Of Ashura – One Day Fasting A Year’s Forgiveness Is Promised”

Reflection Of New Resolutions In The Migration Month Of Muharram

Alhamdulillah and shookur to Allah that we have just completed our fifth pillar and final ibadah in the month of Dzulhijjah. We have performed our obligatory and voluntary ibadah during this month. We have submitted our body, mind and soul for the sake of Allah and have made our sacrifices. The sacred month of MuharramContinue reading “Reflection Of New Resolutions In The Migration Month Of Muharram”

Trust In Allah, Completely And Whole Heartedly.

As humans or mankind, we must trust one another so we can create a harmonious community. Without trusting each other we may become enemies with one another thus creating distruption and disturbances on earth. It is essential for a human to build trust with one another. Just like relationships, we need to build that trust.Continue reading “Trust In Allah, Completely And Whole Heartedly.”

Shahadah Is Not Just A Proclamation But Our Main Ibadah Towards Allah As Muslims

“Shahadah is the One and only Pillar for all our Ibadah to be accepted by Allah” In Islam, we believe in Allah as we have been taught from the very childhood itself. Believe in Allah and in His Messenger is the fundamental truth of Islam! Muslims believe in the five pillars of Islam and thusContinue reading “Shahadah Is Not Just A Proclamation But Our Main Ibadah Towards Allah As Muslims”

Only To You Allah, We Submit Ourselves

To You belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. If not for the breath that was breathed into our living soul, we will not be able to take our breath so we only live for You Ya Allah! If not for our heart beating continuously, non stop, our heart only beats for YouContinue reading “Only To You Allah, We Submit Ourselves”

The Secrets Of The Sacred Haj Pilgrimage

It was 10 years ago about this time, almost a decade ago nearing the wuquf day or Arafah Day, I remember those blessed moments …..SubhanaLlah I remembered this special day like it had just happened yesterday. On Arafah Day, by the Rahmah of our beloved Allah, on that Day i was in my sujood –Continue reading “The Secrets Of The Sacred Haj Pilgrimage”

Sacrifices Of Performing Sacred Haj, What Does It Mean?

What is sacrifice? To give something valuable for someone else with full of sincere and sacrificial sense. But the sacrifice here is the ultimate sacrifice of hardship and the arduous journey that we must forsake for Allah. Totally submit ourselves to Allah so that in sha Allah in return, we will be granted with Allah’sContinue reading “Sacrifices Of Performing Sacred Haj, What Does It Mean?”

Fasting On The Day Of Arafah Is An Atonement Of Our Sin The Pevious Year And The Coming Year

Day of Arafah is one of the sacred days in the Islamic calender. The day of Arafah is the day we reached in the plane of Arafah from Makkah and wukuf (stay) in Arafah, doing ibadah until sunset. Wukuf in Arafah which is wajib in performing the ibadah of haj before travelling to Muzdalifah. ForContinue reading “Fasting On The Day Of Arafah Is An Atonement Of Our Sin The Pevious Year And The Coming Year”

Attaining The Rewards For The First 10 Days Of Dzulhijjah

Ibn ‘Abbas reported that Rasulullah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said: “There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days.” The people asked,“Not even jihad for the sake of Allah?” He said,“Not even jihad for the sake of Allah, except in the case of a man who wentContinue reading “Attaining The Rewards For The First 10 Days Of Dzulhijjah”

The Sacred Haj Pilgrimage – The 5th Pillar Of Islam

Performing Haj, the Sacred Journey to Makkah Al-Mukarromah – The 5th Pillar of Islam. Islam prescribed Five articles to practice (Arkanul Islam). We have been performing four of them, which are 1) Declaration of Syahadah : to bear witness that there is no god trustworthy to be worshipped except Allah and Nabi Muhammad is HisContinue reading “The Sacred Haj Pilgrimage – The 5th Pillar Of Islam”

The Importance Of Friday / Jumaah

Friday is the best day of the week. There are many significance for Yaumul Jumu’a- Friday. Friday is not only a sacred Day for the Muslims all over the world to perform their obligatory Solah Jumu’a but also It is blessed with many important events such as • Nabi Adam (as) was created on Friday•Continue reading “The Importance Of Friday / Jumaah”

Allah, The Owner Of Our Hearts

Only to Allah belong the dominion of this universe and only He has the power to control over the entire universe, everything – living, non-living and even our hearts. Only Allah is the owner of our hearts! Only He can give the ultimate hidayah by turning our hearts towards Him. Allah created us and HeContinue reading “Allah, The Owner Of Our Hearts”