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Trust In Allah, Completely And Whole Heartedly.

As humans or mankind, we must trust one another so we can create a harmonious community. Without trusting each other we may become enemies with one another thus creating distruption and disturbances on earth.

It is essential for a human to build trust with one another. Just like relationships, we need to build that trust. But at times, just like relationship with another human, trust has its restrictions.…

How ofttimes have we been betrayed by another human in our life when we have given our full trust? I am certain many of us have, i surely know how that trust can be broken by another human being. However we cannot fault the other human as their trust has limitations!

Only through having a close relationship with Allah swt. and getting personal with Allah swt. through His 99 beautiful (names) attributes can we have that trusting relationship with Allah swt. And only then, can the mankind find their true worth and be at peace with their decisions. Subhana Allah.

Trusting in Allah is a unique action that has no comparison as He is our Creator. He knows about our weaknesses and strengths. In all circumstances, we must rely on Allah as our Creator and He knows the best for us.

When we have given our full trust to Allah, in sha Allah, we will not be dissapointed as He is all Knowing and most importantly He Created us, only He Knows what is best for us and how we will achieve it successfully. When we trust in Allah, and try to achieve something with Dua’ and ikhtiyar Allah will grant us with His mercy. In sha Allah.

Tawakkal or Trusting in Allah is part of our ibadah just like our shahadah is.

Are we taught to trust in Allah? What is trusting Allah means in our daily life? And how do we trust Allah?

In practical life I belief that, the importance of trusting in Allah often comes to our life after we have gone through certain tests, trials, tribulations. Those trials or tests make us to realize that there is no solution for all those situations except from ALLAH. Hence, we must turn to trust in Allah and beg for His help as we realized that no one else can help us except ALLAH.

We do not ask help or cry our calamities to others, we can only ask Allah to clear the boulder that is in our path…
If we beg others also the help is coming from Allah, only Allah has the power to help us.

The Almighty is the only one who can remove our difficulties from our path. So we put our total reliance upon Him to do so.

In putting our total trust in His hands, He will help us through His ways, how, by whom and by what means all those questions only Allah Knows. When we trust totally in ALLAH then only we will become a true believer.

If we try to count the sacred verses in the quran regarding trust in Allah, it is probably in almost every chapter ….subhanaLlah.

Allah is constantly reminding us to trust in Him always….and unfailingly.

When you trust in Him, there is no fear….and worries.

For example during this corona virus pandemic, we need to give our full reliance and trust to Allah as He is the Creator of mankind as well as the Creator of the virus….

Allah Created all and everything, only Allah can educate us and give us knowledge

Allah granted knowledge to the medical experts about this pandemic what is it? How it is to be prevented? They designed SOP so follow the guided standard of procedure of SOP.

Our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) is our role model Allah swt granted our beloved Nabi (saw) the perfect knowledge.

We need to follow the instructions of our beloved nabi Muhammad (saw) strictly and the guidelines given by the government and the medical authorities of our country in order to avoid the contagious corona virus.

Tawakkal means Giving Full Reliance in Allah and Trusting all and everything In Allah and in His Power.

Ya ALLAH we beg for Your infinite mercy

Ya ALLAH grant us thoufeeq to Tawakkal only in You for all our affaires of dunia and akhirat

Dear Allah we beg You! Please make steadfast our trust in You.
Ameen ya rabbal alameeen.

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