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Only To You Allah, We Submit Ourselves

To You belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. If not for the breath that was breathed into our living soul, we will not be able to take our breath so we only live for You Ya Allah! If not for our heart beating continuously, non stop, our heart only beats for YouContinue reading “Only To You Allah, We Submit Ourselves”

Charity Begins From Home

The month of Ramadhan came with full of blessings, through Ramadhan Transformation : Purified Heart Personify The Purified Soul thus cleansing our hearts through our fasting and giving abundance of charity to the needy! Giving charity in the month of Ramadhan is highly recommended and it is one of the ways to purify ourselves as prescribedContinue reading “Charity Begins From Home”

Allah Made Us In Different Shades And Colours For A Purpose

Allah swt created all and everything, there is only One Creator and only One mankind, Allah swt created everyone as equal, the best in front of Allah is the most pious man. Every one are equal, all are from one father and one mother that is Adam and Hawa (as). The pious ones are theContinue reading “Allah Made Us In Different Shades And Colours For A Purpose”

Obligation To Pay Zakat ul Fitr In The Month Of Ramadhan

Islam is a religion that is full of compassion and a religion full of unity and ukhwah in any society. Thus Islam has made it compulsory on every Muslims to make sure the livelihood and welfare of another fellow humans/living things are provided for and to share the bounties of Allah swt together in allContinue reading “Obligation To Pay Zakat ul Fitr In The Month Of Ramadhan”