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Shahadah Is Not Just A Proclamation But Our Main Ibadah Towards Allah As Muslims

“Shahadah is the One and only Pillar for all our Ibadah to be accepted by Allah”

In Islam, we believe in Allah as we have been taught from the very childhood itself. Believe in Allah and in His Messenger is the fundamental truth of Islam!

Muslims believe in the five pillars of Islam and thus comes the belief and acceptance of the six arkanul Iman (pillars of Iman).

The five pillars of Islam are :

1) to declare two Kalimah shahadah and understanding the meaning and accepting them wholeheartedly, 2) to perform five times solah in a day, 3) to give zakath, 4) to fast (saum) in the month of Ramdhan and 5) to perform sacred haj (for those who can afford physically and financially).

The six arkanul Iman (pillars of Iman) are :

1) Believe in Allah 2) Believe in the Angels 3) Believe in the noble Books 4) Believe in the Prophets 5) Believe in the Qiyamah (hereafter life) and 6) Believe in Qadha and Qadr.

Alhamdulilllah in this final month of this Islamic year, in the whole 12 months of the Islamic calender, we have performed almost all our main ibadah of Arkanul Islam.

Before moving forward to the 1st of the 6th main pillar of Imaan – believe in Allah, we must first understand the 1st main pillar of Islam, which is shahadah.

What is shahadah? What does this proclamation really mean?


“Shahadah is our 1st pillar of Islam”. This is a declaration that there is no god trustworthy to be worshipped except Allah and prophet Muhammad (saw) is Allah’s final Messenger.

Thus declaration of shahadah means believe in Allah and in His existence without doubt. In the practical sense, believing in Allah means knowing Allah and feeling the presence of Allah.

Muslim and Shahadah
Shahadah obviously exists in each and every second and moment of a Muslim life. Without shahadah a man would not be able to declare himself a Muslim, and without shahadah a Muslim would never become a Mu’min (believer).

The proclamation of the shahadah is almost in every act of the five pillars of Islam.

As practicing Muslims, shahadah is done during our five times Solah. We declare our shahadah for 17 or more times daily as solah is our only solace. It is made during our fast for Allah in the month of Ramadhan and what does fasting truly mean for the muslims. It is done during our obligation to pay Zakat ul Fitr in the month of Ramadhan when performing the ibadah of zakat. Most especially during the sacred haj pilgrimagethe 5th pillar of islam for at least once in our lifetime….. Our Shahadah must be present consciously and subconsciously during these five pillars of Islam.

Performing the five pillars of Islam is our essential and of utmost importance ibadah for Allah or our fard al-ayn. With each main ibadah is made with this proclamation of shahadah.

Without doing or practicing the proclamation of shahadah, our ibadah for Allah may be for nothing, or nought nauzubillahi min zalik. Without the proclamation of shahadah we will not become believers or Mu’min. Hence, shahadah is our 1st main pillar of Islam. Without this pillar, every act for Allah will topple down and will be meaningless.

What is ibadah?

Ibadah means, to obey and submit to Allah wholeheartedly. Performing ibadah is giving our total submission to Allah with full sincerity. After having declared our shahadah for Allah, only then can we practise and perform our fard al-ayn and fard al-kifayah.

The entire life of a Muslim person is ibadah. Intentionally accepting and practicing each and every of his/ her ibadah is the actual act of his/her aqidah in Islam for Allah…. In fact, practising and having a full realization of Islamic lifes’s objectives through Aqidah is the ultimate message of our Ibadah to Allah.

Doing ibadah is not just performing or doing the 5 pillars of islam which are performing solah, performing saum (fasting), giving zakat and doing the sacred ibadah haj. Ibadah in Islam goes beyond that,…. certainly whatever we perform for the sake of Allah is Ibadah, for instance….. helping others and giving alms to others for the sake of Allah is another substantial part of our Ibadah, is also part of our fard al-kifayah. We walk to masjid is ibadah, we brush our teeth is ibadah because the act in itself such as cleansing ourselves is ibadah because Islam is all about cleanliness, our ablution is a way of preventing the corono virus pandemic as well as part of our ibadah and many more. Subahana Allah.

Our Life and Death
A Muslim’s entire life and death is ibadah if it is submitted for Allah. All the steps of life and death is ibadah if it is done for the sake of Allah. If our “intention of doing” is not for Allah then it will become just a ritual or a routine schedule and is not accepted as Ibadah nauzubillahi min zaliq!

Believing in Allah must be in tandem with doing ibadah for Allah…. it must be parallel with our belief.

Having declared our shahadah and faith towards Allah means believing in Allah with our ‘inner’ mind and is supported by our action, that is our ibadah for Allah…..

Fulfilling our responsibilities and going to work for Allah is considered our ibadah for Allah.

Making supplications ‘The Power of Dua’- Keep Calm, Allah’s Answer Is In Our Palm is also our ibadah that must be practised all the time whenever or wherever we are.

Whatever we do for Allah is ibadah, even sleeping for the sake of Allah is ibadah, waking up for the sake of Allah is ibadah, eating for the sake of Allah is ibadah…..

The proclamation of shahadah and our ibadah for Allah must be made will full of “realization”, then only it will become full of meaning and could done sincerely and wholeheartedly for the sake of Allah! Ameeen ameen. Allahu Akbar!

May Allah give us the thoufeeq to perform more and more ibadah for Him.

Ya Allah grant us thoufeeq to live and die for Your Redha.

Ya Allah transform our life to achieve Your Redha. Ameen Ameen Ameeen Ya Allah!

🤲 🤲 🤲 Ya Allah, we beg of You with Your infinite mercy to make our last breath be our shahadah to You. Ameen Ameeen Ameeen ya Allah. 🤲 🤲 🤲

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