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The Importance Of Friday / Jumaah

Friday is the best day of the week. There are many significance for Yaumul Jumu’a- Friday.

Friday is not only a sacred Day for the Muslims all over the world to perform their obligatory Solah Jumu’a but also It is blessed with many important events such as

• Nabi Adam (as) was created on Friday
• Nabi Adam (as) entered paradise on Friday
• Nabi Adam (as) was expelled from the jannah on the Friday
• Allah established a specific time in Friday, where by Dua’ is certainly accepted.
• Qiamah will happen on Friday
and many more important things, events and incidents took place in the past, taking place in the present and will take place in the future with Allah’s decree.

There are also certain ibadah that we can do on Fridays that will give us extra credit and will be rewarded abundantly such as :

• Reading Suratul Kahf
• Tasbeeh and du’u with SubhanaLlahil Azeemi wa bihamdihi.
• Recitation of surah Alif, Lam, Mim, Tanzil ( Surah AsSajadah) after solah fajr on Friday
• Recitation of Surah Hal Ata Ala I Insani ( Surah AdDahar) after solah fajr on Friday
• Recitation of Solawat on our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw)
• Recite the Noble alQuran, increase solah sunnah, make lots of dua’ -supplications, do zikruLlah, do solawat on RasulaLlah, and many more righteous deeds on Friday as our ibadah will be accepted, dua will be heard and granted.

There are some specific sunnah of our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) for us to obey and practice on Friday such as :

• to perform ghusl of Friday ( bath for Friday – before solah Jumu’a )
• to use halal perfume
• to wear the best clothes
• to cut hair and comb
properly (neat, smart and pleasant personality). Smile. Its Sunnah!
• to cut our fingernails
• go to the Masjid early as possible before azan
• walk to the mosque ( every steps are rewarded)
•Enter Masjid with right foot, recite Dua entering Masjid and sit in the first sof or at available place
•Perform two rakaa’ solah sunnah Thahiyyat before sitting in the Masjid
•avoid eating smelly food such as garlic/onion etc….
and many more sunnah that may purify our Qalb and bring us more more closer to Allāh with taqwah.

Ya Allāh grant us Your Rahmah by the Barakah of Yaumul Jumu’a .

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