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Allah Made Us In Different Shades And Colours For A Purpose

Allah swt created all and everything, there is only One Creator and only One mankind, Allah swt created everyone as equal, the best in front of Allah is the most pious man. Every one are equal, all are from one father and one mother that is Adam and Hawa (as). The pious ones are the best amongst all, because he / she is beneficent for himself and for the entire mankind.

Recent racial chaos and deep unrest in the United States of America have ignited my curiosity to write this particular blog.

Being a Muslim, i have known this fact that Islam is a religion of universal brotherhood and justice that equally honours all the races, co-exists with different colours, race and different nationalities as one family, and thus, i have realized that this blog is dire important during this unsettling event that recently occured in the United States.

Allah swt, the ultimate Creator have created us in different colours, nationalities so we can learn from each other and know one other through our differences, at the same time every one are dependent on one other, through unity we strengthen the humanity, compassion and justice. Allah swt created everyone with differences all the given differences are good for their own existence, and mutual welfare. It is injustice to utilize someone’s weakness and take advantage by others.

Allah swt have Created us in such a beautiful way so that we can work together in different environments and surroundings…. this is the beauty of social structure.

In the social structure, the beauty and perfection of Islam is very obviously seen, Islam made obligatory on every Muslims as a religious duty, to honor every race and nationals, to respect each other and treat everyone as equals irrespective of religion, race, color, rich, poor and nationality, no matter where ever we are. We are religiously obliged to respect, love and honor every one with the differences. SubhanAllah.

Going back to the pre-islamic era, when the tyrant leaders such as Firaun during the time of Prophet Musa (as), and many zolimoon kings (cruel kings) and rulers during the time of other prophets (as). Those kings who created castes, differences, discriminations, imposed unlawful and injustice laws and untouchability on certain races. They practiced racialism and cronyism, discrimination according to the race, geography, color and religion etc… This social injustice created a lot of social imbalances and injustice. Hence the people also felt the differentiation between themselves and between the tribes and ethnicity. Feeling of inferiority and supiriority between castes and races creates a disastrous social injustice amongst the people or nation.

What a pity!! What an irony that the 21st century is still much involved in this pandemic social crime and injustice!!!! Who is to take the responsibility for this obvious differentiation??? As a democratic country and learning from lessons in history, it is up to us to choose the right leader who will put the people’s interest before theirs to rule the country!

The leaders who work for the people will not create differences because they are not any more superior than the people but instead will create a unification with one another. A unified community or nation will be stronger when it comes to the economic frailties as a subsequent result of the covid-19 crisis.

The leaders who have created the differences will create futher unrest and animosity amongst one another because of the inequalities that was already pre-programmed in the people’s minds. The rich and those who has authority and power over others feels they are more superior thus creating oppression and hatred from the superiors towards the inferior ones.

This is clearly seen in recent events in the United States and many other parts of the world, when a person of colour should not be treated as such making the whole country and other parts of the world in turmoil with the demontrations, protests and riots. When there are riots, there are more killings and thus creating a vicious circle.

Those not interested in the peaceful demonstrations will be taking advantage of such situations and will be commiting crimes such as looting, robberies, vandalism and many more… May Allah swt align everyone in this world to be of equality and just amongst each tribe, race and nationality and protect the mankind, the world and all of us from this kind of mischievous racial acts and crime.
Allahu Akbar!

A beautiful example is when two people of different tribe and race unite in a marriage, their offsprings are usually stronger and better that their ancestors just like children from inter-racial marriages who are also scientifically proven to be more intelligent and more resilient.

Mixed-race children are taller and smarter. Having genetically diverse parents it means being more intelligent than ancestorsResearchers from the University of Edinburgh analysed health and genetic information from more than 100 studies carried out around the world. These included details on more than 350,000 people from urban and rural communities. The team found that greater genetic diversity is linked to increased height It is also associated with better cognitive skills and higher education levels

Mixed-race babies are more intelligent
by Beatrice Credi – 2015.07.02

When the best of both worlds combine, they make a better and stronger mankind. Therefore Allah created the humans in differences for many reasons and purposes. So why do we need to create chaos and havoc in this world? When Allah created diversities and differences for beautiful reasons. Subhana Allah


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