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Allah, The Owner Of Our Hearts

Only to Allah belong the dominion of this universe and only He has the power to control over the entire universe, everything – living, non-living and even our hearts.

Only Allah is the owner of our hearts! Only He can give the ultimate hidayah by turning our hearts towards Him. Allah created us and He will take us back to Him whenever He decides.

Only Allah has the power to change our hearts when we give our full submission towards Him. The more we turn towards Allah, the more our hearts will be at ease with His mercy.

Only when our hearts are filled with full of Allah’s Noor then only our hearts are filled with peace and life becomes full of happiness, for example in:
• our personal life
• our family life
• our finances
• our career
• our studies
• our success in this life as well as the hereafter

Please refer to this supplication to keep our hearts steadfast towards Allah

Ya Allah forgive everyone of us, keep us steadfast in Your religion with Iman, taqwah and with full of sihat wal aafiyyah
Ameen Ya Allah Ameeen


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