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Reflection Of New Resolutions In The Migration Month Of Muharram

Alhamdulillah and shookur to Allah that we have just completed our fifth pillar and final ibadah in the month of Dzulhijjah. We have performed our obligatory and voluntary ibadah during this month. We have submitted our body, mind and soul for the sake of Allah and have made our sacrifices.

The sacred month of Muharram is here alhamdulillah and it is the 1st month of the Islamic calender and is a month that symbolises a migration from doing unbenefitial acts to benefitial deeds. It is a special time for us “to turn over a new leaf” for an ibadahful – journey towards Allah’s redha and rahmah. In sha Allah.

Muharram is also a Month of Migration (hijrah) or time to make new Resolution….. The resolution is a promise that we make to ourselves every year. New Resolution does not just mean simply like the new resolution we make every 1st January but migration or hijrah in Islam is a symbol that we must work hard for Allah and a promise to move away or migrate away from doing sinful acts the year before….. In sha Allah.

Migration or hijrah in Islam is a sign that our soul is moving towards Allah and

• stopping from doing bad acts and start doing more good deeds
• from becoming a sinner to a person who repents to Allah
• to delve and to get to know ourselves on a deeper level and to find answers to the question about our existence and our purpose in this life (those existential questions)
• constantly looking for akhirah (hereafter)
• to repent and make taubah and constantly ask Allah for forgiveness
• to reflect on ourselves and the things that we have done the past years
• to constantly do our ibadah in pleasing Allah
• to have more taqwa towards Allah
• to increase our sabr
• to have a deeper knowledge about Allah and nabi Muhammad (saw)
• to be grateful to Allah constantly and for giving us a chance to do the ultimate sacrifice for Allah

In Islamic history, migration was done during the time of our nabi Muhammad (saw). He had to move from Makkah to Madinah to restart or to spread Islam to a new ummah under the instructions of Allah swt. Nabi Muhammad (saw) had a difficult time when he migrated – he had to adjust to the new people, new culture, new environment and at the same time feeling homesick in a new place now he has to call home! Our beloved nabi certainly missed the place where he was born, Makkah Al-Mukarramah and yet he persevered for the sake of Allah and his ummah…. Allahu Akhbar

Similarly in this new world and era, the symbol of migration is the hardship and the difficulties in adapting to our new changes for Allah and keeping with it and turning away from our sinful ways. Syateen will constantly divert us from doing good deeds, ya Allah please protect us from all the diversions. Ameeen Ameeen Ameeen ya Allah.

May Allah give us the perseverance to be steadfast and to accept our sincere migration towards Allah. May Allah accept our deeds in the last 12 months and may Allah open our hearts to do more deeds in the coming year. Allahumma Ameeen ya اللة.

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