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Sacrifices Of Performing Sacred Haj, What Does It Mean?

What is sacrifice? To give something valuable for someone else with full of sincere and sacrificial sense. But the sacrifice here is the ultimate sacrifice of hardship and the arduous journey that we must forsake for Allah.

Totally submit ourselves to Allah so that in sha Allah in return, we will be granted with Allah’s redha in dunya and akhirah.

The word Sacrifice could be defined both religiously and commonly for example

• To sacrifice everything that we love for the sake of Allah

• To sacrifice our comfort life for the sake of Allah

• To sacrifice our fortune and finances for a hardship journey and not an actual relaxing holiday

• To sacrifice our norm for something new and different

• To sacrifice for accepting others peoples behaviours and attitudes as they are….

• To sacrifice our personal life, privacy and convenience eg sharing the toilets, sleeping arrangements etc….

• And many more according other situations

There is a unique history of sacrifice which took place in Islamic History
The sacrifice of Allah’s beloved Prophet Ibrahim (as), he was commanded by Allah (swt) to sacrifice (slaughter) his own son Prophet Ismail (as). Here we can see two important things

(1) Nabi Ibrahim (as) submitted sincerely to Allah and sacrificed (slaughtered) his own son to show his sincere sacrifice and love for Allah instead of his only son.

(2)Nabi Ibrahim’s (as) sincere obedience to the decree of Allah and willingness to sacrifice own son. This is the true sacrifice, just to obey Allah and to please Allah.

History teaches us that Prophet Ibrahim (as) had waited a long time and begged Allah continuously for a son, he and his wife were very old and there was no hope that they would be able to have children. Finally, Allah swt decreed to give him a son, miracle happened and his wife conceived, Allah swt granted Prophet Ibrahim’s (as) wish by giving him, his son Prophet Ismail (as). It was Allah’s decree, Allah decided to test his Prophet Ibrahim (as) by ordering him to sacrifice (slaughter) the long much awaited son, just to obey and please Allah.

Prophet Ibrahim (as) was an obedient servant of Allah, he obeyed Allah, and he sacrificed his son Prophet Ismail (as) in the name of Allah, to please Allah.

But Allah is all Merciful, He only wanted to see His beloved servant Ibrahim’s total submission and willingness to sacrifice his son and everything for His sake. Allah doesn’t want blood or meat, Allah only wanted His servants sincere submission. Allah was pleased of His servant Ibrahim’s sacrificial submission of his son to fulfill His decree. Out of Allah’s infinite Mercy He replaced a goat to be sacrificed instead of beloved Ismail the son of Ibrahim (as).

Let us ask ourselves in this blessed month of Qurban – Dzulhijjah. What we have inherited from the beloved prophet of Allah, Ibrahim (as)? Are we willing to sacrifice like Prophet Ibrahim (as) did?
Alhamdulillah we are not decreed as prophet Ibarahim (as) was decreed to sacrifice, SubhanaLlah that was a unique sacrifice! We are only decreed to obey in shariah, Love Allah through accept and obey His Dheen.

So the true submission of a person in Islam is his total sacrifice and love for Allah.

Each one of us has a personal sacrifice that we must make for the sake of Allah. May Allah grant us thoufeeq and strength to fulfill those sacrifices for the sake of Allah!

The sacred haj pilgrimage is obligated only on those who are capable both physically and financially. The people who can afford to perform haj are the people who have been bestowed with the blessings of Rizq and health. Are we willing to sacrifice our rizq and comfort for this hardship journey of haj pilgrimage to be with Allah? Yes Haj pilgrimage is a sacrifice indeed.

Allah swt has promised abundance of rewards to those who perform haj and umrah Mabrur, and also those who offer animal sacrifice such as

• Forgiven all the sins, its like we have been born again – clear of all sins
• Rewarded abundantly, like we have set free 100 slaves
• Achievement of highest reward, like reward of a person who participated in the battle for the sake of Allah

Ya Allah open our hearts to be ready to sacrifice for the journey of haj and Umrah, a sacrifice for the sake of Allah and to be blessed with haj mabrur.

Ya Allah grant us thoufeeq to fulfill the heartfelt, sacred journey of haj for You before we return to You ya Allah

Ya Allah grant us thoufeeq to be blessed with haj mabrur for us to transform ourselves to become clean and pure like a baby to You. SubhanalLah!

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