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Shahadah Is Not Just A Proclamation But Our Main Ibadah Towards Allah As Muslims

“Shahadah is the One and only Pillar for all our Ibadah to be accepted by Allah” In Islam, we believe in Allah as we have been taught from the very childhood itself. Believe in Allah and in His Messenger is the fundamental truth of Islam! Muslims believe in the five pillars of Islam and thusContinue reading “Shahadah Is Not Just A Proclamation But Our Main Ibadah Towards Allah As Muslims”

Allah, The Owner Of Our Hearts

Only to Allah belong the dominion of this universe and only He has the power to control over the entire universe, everything – living, non-living and even our hearts. Only Allah is the owner of our hearts! Only He can give the ultimate hidayah by turning our hearts towards Him. Allah created us and HeContinue reading “Allah, The Owner Of Our Hearts”

Will Our Journey To Allah Be In Light Or In Total Darkness?

This life is our epic journey, having to get through such a passage or pathway. Everyone of us needs to get through this journey no matter what the circumstances may be. Allahu Akbar! How do we get through this life journey, totally depends on us. It is our choice to go through the passage inContinue reading “Will Our Journey To Allah Be In Light Or In Total Darkness?”

Charity Begins From Home

The month of Ramadhan came with full of blessings, through Ramadhan Transformation : Purified Heart Personify The Purified Soul thus cleansing our hearts through our fasting and giving abundance of charity to the needy! Giving charity in the month of Ramadhan is highly recommended and it is one of the ways to purify ourselves as prescribedContinue reading “Charity Begins From Home”

Our Heartfelt Duas For Our Mothers In This Blessed Month

According to practice, May is generally considered as the month for mothers. Mother’s day are also celebrated in this month all over the world. As it so happens, this month is also our (sibling of 4) beloved mother’s birthday, Allahamdulillah. Our beloved mother is 79 this year, Tabaraka Allah. Thank You our dear ALLAH forContinue reading “Our Heartfelt Duas For Our Mothers In This Blessed Month”