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Charity Begins From Home

The month of Ramadhan came with full of blessings, through Ramadhan Transformation : Purified Heart Personify The Purified Soul thus cleansing our hearts through our fasting and giving abundance of charity to the needy!

Giving charity in the month of Ramadhan is highly recommended and it is one of the ways to purify ourselves as prescribed by Allah swt.

It does not matter how you give the charity but the intention must be with sincererity, for sincerity reflects a pure qalb (heart). “Any act of sincerity done with pure intention for the sake of Allah is an act of charity!”

Eversince the month of Rajab, ‘Respect’ – The Significance Of The Month Of Rajab (The Month Of Allah); we have been ecouraged to do charity. It is one of the ways to cleanse and purify our soul….. through the blessed months.

Giving charity or sadaqah is to establish relationship between the humankind…. this is part of our fulfilment of ibadah for the habluminnas to please Allah swt.

To fulfill the Ibadah of habluminnas, such as Giving Alms To Others For The Sake Of Allah Is Another Substantial Part Of Our Ibadah in charity is equally important as it shows our humbleness, humility and selfless act towards another human and it also shows our iman and taqwa towards Allah azza wa jalla.

The essence of charity or giving sadaqah is giving something of value to a more deserving person. Charity does not only mean giving to the needy outside but giving to our immediate family is also considered charity and it is ibadah indeed!

Many people give charity outside but very unfortunate some of them seem to forget or neglect those who are in need are those amongst their immediate family members or relatives.

Islam has prescribed and gave priority to do charity for those who are in need amongst those who are closest to us, for example our own family, relatives and then to our neighbours and so forth…Thus charity starts from home….

Like in my previous blog, “realization of life’s objective” through aqidah, it begins from home, similarly charity also begets from home. Like many of us, i too could not understand why charity begins from our own house? What does it mean exactly????

Many people have an understanding that when they provide for the family, it is not considered as sadaqah and not rewarded. It is not true at all, what they have given to their family will also be rewarded in multiply. The more you give, the more Allah swt will multiple in what they have given….

A father or mother spending for their children’s education is charity, providing food for the whole family, giving medicine or medical treatment when necessary is charity….. every little act a parent can do for his or her children is charity. Subhana Allah.

Do not be afraid to give Sadaqa to our family, a husband to his wife, a father or mother to their children or children to their parents. Even from grandparents to their grand children too. Allah swt will reward the person in abundanceHelping the family is a compulsory act and a religious duty on every Muslims.

Give sadaqah or charity whenever possible. Our beloved Nabi (saw) taught us that Sadaqah or any form of charity will save and protect us from all disturbances and divert away any form of calamities, Allah swt always fulfils His promise, in sha Allah.

Ya Allah grant us thoufeeq to do more charity only to please You ya Allah!

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