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Will Our Journey To Allah Be In Light Or In Total Darkness?

This life is our epic journey, having to get through such a passage or pathway. Everyone of us needs to get through this journey no matter what the circumstances may be. Allahu Akbar!

How do we get through this life journey, totally depends on us. It is our choice to go through the passage in total darkness or with the help of a proper light.

By having a light guiding us through the passage, it will be easier for us to walk through this life passage without stumbling along the way. Subhana Allah!

Imagine ourselves walking or being in total darkness. Darkness makes us feel contrained, suffocated, scared, afraid, claustrophobic, lost and many other negative feeling. We need light so we can feel free, at ease and on the right path.

The question is, How do we get this light? From where do we get this light? The proper light for us to be guided in the darkness?

The light that lifts up our passage is our Allah’s Noor, through “Islamic” submissive life, the Qura’nic light through which we have been obeying for Allah swt.

Through our constant submission in Islamic life and with its clear guidance, there will be more light descended from Allah along our pathway, that is promised by Allah swt, SubhanalLah.

Without this light, it will be difficult for us to see our way of life, will end up going in the wrong direction, eventually will be a lost soul! The person will end up as an utter failure, nauzubillahimin zalik

Those unfortunates, who are going through their life – passage in darkness, may have been diverted from doing the good deeds knowingly or unknowingly. They have been misguided and have been kept away from Allah’s Noor – light. Nauzubillah hi min zalik. They are in need of guidance which with a conscious or subconscious mind they can get Allah’s Noor again….

The answer lies entirely up to us! To have our passage brightened with Allah’s Noor – Islam. Without this light our journey will be in total darkness …. Nauzubillahi min zaliq

Are Our Deeds Enough To Light Our Journey To Allah? We surely do not know but we will strive and struggle for Allah no matter what…. in sha Allah

Ya Allah please light up our journey with Your blessed Noor – light for us to be blessed with ultimate victory of reaching to You Ya Allah.

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