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Relationship With Allah swt.

Assalamualaikum….warahmathulLahi wabarakathuh.

In life, we have so many relationships….. a mother’s relationship with daughter or son, father’s relationship to his daughter or son, grandparents relationship, sibling relationship, husband and wife, teacher and student, employer and employee, friendship or relationships among our own peers and to name a few….

What do we understand from all these relationships ???? It can be from the way we communicate to them, the respect we have for them, how we put our trust or how we love them……. whatever it can be…. we have a special bond that ties that relationship. Each relationship will differentiate how we are with them… we are with that person in particular…..some are more special and closer than others….

However, how close or tight our relationship with another human is, it can still be strained and sometimes can snap unknowingly……This is because human relationship is conditional. Our ties with another person is limited, our respect or love are subject to certain conditions….

Relationship with Allah swt: Linguistically the word relationship may be sound similar to each and every relationships and may find there is no difference than a relationship with another human being….but it is extremely different and is incomparable.

Allah’s relatioship is unconditional…… It is not subjected to any terms or condition…..It is the Rahmah of ALLAH which is infinite, Relationship with ALLAH is unique and could not be compared to any other relationships. The question remains as whether we want that relationship or not?

The closer we are to Allah, the tighter our knot with Allah is, He will never abandon us! Subhanallah

Many people think that they are unable to have a relationship with Allah….. This is because they do not know WHO ALLAH is…. ? therefore they are unable to have that kind of closenes to Allah, they do not feel the presence of Allah. If a person does not feel the presence of Allah through his aqeedah then how can he experience the presence of Allah????

For example just for understanding further on this topic let us say, if Knowing Allah is similar to knowing another person…. then first of all, we need to know that person personally before we can have any relationship with him.

Before having such a close relationship with Allah, a person must know WHO ALLAH is personally, easily people can say ALLAH is our God or Creator, He is not just our God or Creator but He is also 99 other beautiful names, known as Asmaul-Husna and all these names are His attributes. When a person knows and understand what each attributes of ALLAH and meaning of these 99 beautiful names are…. then only he can acknowledge WHO ALLAH is. From knowing and understanding each sifat of ALLAH, then only can a person realize the presence of Allah and experience it.

The feeling of the presence of Allah’s Exalted experience within us depends on how close or distant our relationship with Allah is !

Experiencing the feel of the presence of Allah manifests within us through the Rahmah of Allah, for example, sometimes when we are faced with certain predicament. Allah will prepare us to face the situation… many of our beloved prophet Muhammad’s ‘saw’ situation in spreading Islam. He was faced with so many obstacles but because His relationship with Allah is unfaltering, he was always protected from many hardship when he was spreading Islam….. Allah was always there to protect our beloved prophet ‘saw’…Our beloved Nabi (saw) felt the presence of ALLAH within and that manifested experience strengthened his steadfastness of faith in ALLAH swt

Allah is everything about love and compassion……..ArRahman, ArRaheem, two of His attributes that means excatly that……We recite it most of the time, at the beginning of the reading the noble Quran, making dua to doing daily chores with BismilLah…., we are constantly asking for His love and compassion,… He is ever Merciful, we only need to do Tawbah even if we have sinned, He will still forgive insha Allah…. (Reference is made to the story of a man who killed 99 people…. and ALLAH forgiven him ).

There is no other specific rules to getting close to Allah except what our beloved Nabi Muhamad (saw) taught us. Allah swt is ever Merciful and Knows everything, ALLAH swt knows exactly what we wanted, as long as we make our journey closer to Him insha Allah, He is more closer to us than our life vein, He is ever accommodating all our halal wishes and will accept our sincere heart!!!

Other people may have different ways to get close to Allah…. These are some of my ways of getting close to Allah ‘swt’….. Only thing that all these methods must be according to the teachings of the sunnah of our beloved Nabi MUhammad (saw) the only ALLAH SWT maqbul our efforts

I believe that whosoever have the above qualities would destine himself/herself in the closest relationship with Allah, they will never turn back……They will fall in love with Allah and would be enjoying the extreme bliss of union with Allah’s presence within. These people will find peace within themselves and will be calm in any situation.

A person who has no connection or relationship with Allah will always be fearful, worry of any situation and may tend to go out of control when a problem arrises.

In the spirit of writing this topic, i am hoping that whoever is still in doubtful of getting close to Allah, will no longer be in doubt and those who are still looking for His presence within, and to be blessed with that uniqueness certainly will have to open his or her heart to His Magnificence and Greatness insha Allah…and behold that The Everlasting And Most Rewarding Relationship that ever existed, is The Relationship With Allah SWT!

Hereby may I stop my Pen with my humble dua that ya Allah i am Your poor slave, i beg for Your infinite Mercy to forgive me, and grant me tboufeeq to continue my writing on Your 99 Most beautiful names In the coming days. InshaAllah. WabilLahi thoufeeq wal hidayah

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