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Our Role Model Defines Who We Are…

Assalamualaikum….warahmathulLahi wabarakathuh.

Respected readers, have you come across this question in your life or during your school days, did your teachers ever ask you this question? Who are your role models? How do you aspire to be like them? I remember this….. when i was in school, this was one of the favourite questions with the teachers….

We would then answer, with high spirit, the names of certain celebrities whom we admire, those we can aspire to. Usually we would say, the prime ministers, the king or queen, movie stars or whoever personality that is visible at that point of time….

But as i have grown, i know who my true role models are…., like my previous blog, “realization of life objectives” through aqidah, i talked about “aqidah begins from home”, hence my true role models are my mother and father. They are the ones who tought me the right aqidah and moral values.

So if i were given a chance to answer the question again, i would definately answer my mother and then my father…. These strong people are my real role models Alhamdulillah.

My mother, may Allah swt prolong her life to be a woman of substance…. She is my umbrella during rainy days….. Alhamdulilllah. She is the one who thought me to remember Allah swt all the time, to be humble and be kind to those who were less fortunate… She is a person who is calming energy for me at any situation….i can continue to talk about her all day…….it will be never ending……SubhanaAllah

I can see her strength as a mother. May I dare say that She is blessed with the beautiful akhlaq of our beloved Siti Khadijah (r) ‘as’ was. Siti Khadijah (r) ‘as’, the noble mother of the believers. Siti Khadijah (r) ‘as’ kept on encouraging our Prophet ‘saw’ to do what he needed to do in certain situation. I can see the truth that my mother is also the pillar of strength in our family. It is my beloved mother whom Allah ‘swt’ has been chosen and appointed to support my beloved almarhum father to be a succesful man, leader, husband and father. All of which is through the will of Allah. Alhamdulillah alhamdulilllah alhamdulilllah….

My beloved father, may Allah grant him jannatul firdaus, he is the person who has thought me what integrity actually means and how a father should be responsible for his family. He was a man who not only protects his family but also someone who cares and was also granted thoufeeq to serve the nation as well…… He was the one who showed me to be the woman i am today. May Allah keep me steadfast always. Ameeen Ya Allah Ameen and to always be on the straight path and never deviate… (In sha Allah on the 19th January, would be his 13th year going back to his Creator. May Allah grant him jannatul firdaus….).

Certainly, I owe my beloved parents, as they have been the ones who have thought me the right aqidah that I have inherited. Alhamdulillah, the aqidah that has been grounded into me are the aqidah of the prophet Muhammad ‘saw’, his sahabah, family and the women of jannah. These are the ones we should look up to and emulate them as our role model as much as possible in sha Allah….I know my parents had been sincere when they brought us up. I can feel it in the way they educated us towards You SubhanaAllah. I cannot thank Allah enough for these wonderful blessings in form of my parents……Alhamdulilllah

In writing this blog, i am making du’a’ and also reminding myself that i have to be the best a ‘role model’ with the sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad ‘saw’ that i can be for my children to follow in sha Allah….Ya Allah steadfast me, my family and all of us on Your straight path. Ameeen….

May I share some lovely stories…… When my eldest girl was growing up and at a very tender age of teens, trying on make up to cutex and other teenage things…..When she was around 13 or 14, around my second daughter’s age now, there is cutex brand called Inglot, it is suppose to be ‘halal’. Of course she would want me to buy it for her, but i would always say that we are muslims, we will only wear henna as that is the only thing that is permitted for us, if we were to use cutex, and if we prayed with cutex on, our prayers will be for naught naizubillah hi min zaliq.

Similarly with my youngest daughter. This is a time, ‘peppa pig’ is so popular in the uk. I would often have to explain to her that in the cartoon it looks cute but in real life, Allah created it to be a living trash which eats its own secretion. So as muslims we are not allowed to consume or even touch it as it is haram to do either….

With my son, being a boy he loves to play games either on the computer, playstation, the switch, handphone or what ever he can get his hands on….. Sometimes the games can be violent like PUBG games where there is a lot of killing…… I would often have to remind him that it is not real, it is just a game, he should not be too absorbed in the game….

Today, in this global village, we are faced with many of challenges, this is the final era of mankind indeed, where haram becomes halal and vice versa, totally confused stages! As a mother i can only make dua that my children will know the disparity and could distinguish the difference between right and wrong and to practice what Allah’s deen is thought to them in sha Allah…

Let us strive as much as possible to show them the right path and to support them to be on the straight path unfailingly in sha Allah

Being a human myself, i am admitting that definately I am not perfect, unfortunately my dear children may not get their mother’s homely cooked food always….. but what they do not know is that a mother’s du’a’ will go straight to Allah in sha Allah…. This is the best food that I can ever cook for my darling children. My constant dua for them would there always,…..for them to be unfailingly on the straight path and be protected from all deviations, and to be constantly in remembrance of Allah and to steadfast with the sunnah of our beloved role model, Allah’s messenger Muhammad ‘saw’ …. in sha Allah…

Having said all of these, it does not often have to be our parents as role models but whosoever Allah ‘swt’ has appointed as our role model in to our lives. They can be the ones those who can inspire us to be the closest to our prophet ‘saw’ in sha Allah….

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