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Allah Loves Those Who Give Trust, Tawakkal And Full Reliance in Him

Allah swt says:
“Nothing will befall us except what Allah has ordained for us. He is our Protector. In Allah let the believers put their trust.”

[Surah At-Tawbah: 51]

Have you ever realized that almost in each surah, there is an ayat stating to trust and 
tawakkal in Allah swt

What does trust and tawakkal
in Allah actually means?

For my simple understanding Trust in Allah means to put our firm belief that Allah knows what is best for us…. He created us, thus He knows our strength and also our weakness. Therefore we trust Him in any and every situation. Trust  that Allah will always give the best for us.

Tawakkal in Allah means we have given all our best and given our maximum to Allah and we rely totally on everything to Allah

Trust and tawakkal in Allah happens when we have made our dua and put our total reliance upon Him!

Why Allah loves those who rely on Him?

•  It shows that we are only asking help from Him and not relying upon others for help and aid in times of dire need.

•  It shows that no matter what the situation is, we are givng our all to Allah and knowing that Allah is our protector in all circumstances.

I used to get very worked out when things do not go as planned or as i expected, but after giving my full trust and giving my total reliance towards Allah, now i realized that sometimes it works even better than as i planned or for what i wanted it to be. So now i rely only on Allah, He is the best planner on everything that i do! I do Tawakkal in Allah for all my affairs, HasbiyaLlah.

We need both as there is no trust when there is no tawakkal and the same if we do not have tawakkal, we do not have trust!

Dear Allah, we beg for Your thoufeeq for all of us to Trust and Tawakkal totally in You and we beg for Your mercy and help for us to succeed in all our efforts (ikhtiyar) with Your Barakah.

La Hawla wala Quwwatha Illa BiLlah
Ameeen Ameeen Ameen ya Allah.

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