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Preparations of the Body, Mind, Soul, our Adab and Akhlaq when Visiting Makkah and Madinah

Assalamualaikum….warahmathulLahi wabarakathuh.

We all know that doing any ibadah in Masjidil Haram or The Sacred Land will tripple 100,000…..

“Our beloved Nabi (saw) reported to have said that : “One prayer in my mosque is better than one thousand prayers elsewhere, except al-Masjid al-Haraam, and one prayer in al-Masjid al-Haraam is better than one hundred thousand prayers elsewhere”.


Just imagine doing 1 solat is eqivalent to 100,000 times. Our compulsory solat is 5 times a day and doing the sunnah solat x number of times we can do, can you calculate???? Subhanallah.

My mathematics is not great but it will amount to a substantial number in sha Allah…….Subhanallah. The zeros can be infinite…. its like in a game, just collecting as many points as possible in sha Allah. Wouldn’t you want to????

But bear in the mind …..only, if we do it for Allah swt sincerely and only Allah knows it….. Allah hu Akhbar

Many people often have doubts or they face a certain fear about going for umrah or haj…..

I always have some sort of anxiety but more of excitement….. I remembered having this conversation with a family friend. ‘Going for Umrah or performing our Haj depends on our relationship with Allah’.…..Subhanallah.

Preparing Our Body, Mind and Soul….

The closer we are to ALLAH swt, the closer He will be with us…..with His infinite Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness and many more bounties ……Allahu Akbar.

Going back to my previous blog, relationship with Allah ‘swt‘, once it is established, and we could understand “WHO ALLAH IS”……, we should not have any fear for going to the sacred land, we would be more blessed with incomparable bliss of feeling the presence of Allah swt within, as we would be granted more thoufeeq to feel our beloved Allah’s presence over there, through unique prescriptions of specific prayers at certain chosen places and blessed spots, and thus we could experience the real bliss of individual closeness with ALLAH swt as ALLAH swt promised the sanctity of the sacred land and its signs, in sha Allah….

In preparing our body, mind and soul, we must remember that one day we will be alone – just alone, such a solitude in our graves, what else we can earn and take back home except our devoted submission to ALLAH swt especially in such sacred land. Ya Allah grant us thoufeeq to be Your devoted guests…..

Going for Umrah or Haj is a divinely prescription and is decided by ALLAH swt, this is to submit our soul and obey to the decrees of ALLAH swt.

Out of Allah’s Mercy the guests could be granted the first class treatment or otherwise…..during the journey or during the stay over there !! it would be depend on the guests intention or Allah’s own taqdir with certain unknown reasons, only ALLAH swt knows best. We pray for the best, In sha Allah

Our Adab and Akhlaq….

Whoever has been granted such opportunity to become the guest of ALLAH swt, they are the most blessed people under the sun. As Allah ‘swt’ invited us as His guests, there are certain Adab and Akhlaq that we must abide at His home and in the sacred land.

There is no difference when we are invited as guests in a friend’s home or a relatives’ house, there are certain social formalities to abide with, normally we do not just enter without giving salam and we also need to know and obey the customs, disciplines and our limitations in other people’s home. Hence, when we are in Allah’s home.

  • We Need to Respect it, we need to accept whomever He invites, every one is equal to one another, no one has a higher status than the other, except in piousness.
  • Always recite Allahuma Yasser Wala Tu Asseer Tammam Bil Khair for ease of journey….
  • Accept or Redha with what has been given to us.
  • Always think Positive of Him, He will always give the best to His guest.
  • Never think or talk of negative things when we are there
  • Always dzkir to Allah, anytime and anywhere during your stay over there.
  • Always beg ALLAH swt for ease of our ibadah and task for Him….
  • Always ask ALLAH for good health
  • Always ask ALLAH for protection from any calamities nauzubillah minzalika
  • If a calamity does befall us, nauzubillah minzalika, always ask for forgiveness from Allah, pray 2 rakaah of solat tawbah reciting ASTAGHFIRULLAHAL AZDEEM as much as possible
  • Always ask for sabr or patience for ourselves and others when any calamities befall us…
  • Always doa for the others as well, for their ease of journey, good health etc…..
  • Always give others a helping hand whenever necessary in any circumstances, not necessarily money but in the form of energy, time, sitting space or whatever form possible.
  • Give sadaqah whenever possible. Our beloved Nabi (saw) taught us that Sadaqah will save and protect us from all disturbances and divert away any form of calamities, in sha Allah
  • Do each and every ibadah for the sake of Allah
  • Always say good things
  • Always do good things
  • NEVER CRITISIZE, other people, food, accomodation, travelling facilities, situation….. we only need to ask Allah to change the situation for our ease and comfort in sha Allah.
  • NEVER COMPLAIN, always have a clear heart with His will…., we are after all his invited guests
  • NEVER FEEL TAKKABBUR, Never feel we are better than others NAUZUBILLAHIMIN ZALIQ

This journey is a divinely prescribed ibadah of our body, mind and soul to abide by Allah’s decree and to stand the trials and difficulties with patience for ALLAH swt.

The true haj and Umrah is a Love gift of ALLAH swt to His beloved chosen servants, it is only gifted to such soul who really qualified to accept it through the soul’s sincere devotion. Hence our soul can enjoy the presence of Allah swt. Dear readers, whoever has been granted this opportunity is a qualified soul, you are blessed Indeed.

Ya Allah grant us all thoufeeq with Your Redha to perform Umrah and Haj as maqbul and mabrur with good health and aafiyyah

Always keep in mind that the holy city is where miracles happen to the believers and non-believers……Allahu Akhbar

This is as much a gentle reminder for me as we will be travelling to meet Allah swt and enjoying the feeling of His blessed presence within us at the sacred land, in sha Allah….

May Allah provide ease of journey for each a of us travelling to the sacred land with this humble sharing and information in sha Allah….

What could be the best reward than becoming Allah’s invited guest?????

always have Allah in whatever task we perform

Rozana Zeti

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