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Redhallah -Accepting The Decree Of Allah Heals Our Qalb

What Is Prescribed For Us Are Meant For Us, What Is Not Prescribed For Us Is Not Meant For Us

Acceptance :
It is the hardest thing that anyone can ever do…. Acceptance of Allah’s taqdir or redha for Allah’s taqdir is the 6th pillar of our imaan…. This is to accept Allah’s wishes and decrees – His Qadha and Qadr on us, good or bad it may be, all are taqdir of Allah swt. Allah swt has a reason for all and everything.

What is acceptance? Why is it hard for us to swallow when things do not go as we planned?

We can often accept all good things easily that happened or come to us but what about those bad things happen to us or come to us?

Most of us or majority of people cannot accept the difficulties and hardships because we often think that we should be deserving only the victories and best things in our lives….

From my own personal experiences, I am certain that to accept those hardships are the most difficult things in our life.

For a person to accept a hardship he might have to go through many mental stages such as anger, denial, unhappiness, hatred, rejection, despair and many more…., only at the final stage he may reach to the stage of “acceptance and Redha for Allah’s taqdir”!

In my own life, i had to go through some difficulties at certain situations, somehow everyone of us have to go through some difficulties at certain situations …..

Once we have accepted Allah’s decree, we will be at ease and most importantly it heals our qalb…. if we are unable to accept the decree from Allah, we will constantly blame other people and worst of all blame Allah because we have not been able to accept what Allah has ordained for us….. nauzubillahi min zalik!

However if we can swallow, accept Allah’s decree, then only our Qalb can heal. Once our heart heals then our mind heals and so would our body. The faster one can get acceptance, the faster the healing will be in sha Allah.

For example, from my own personal experience, having accepted Allah’s taqdir that my son had to go back to Allah, the faster that i healed and because of that, it was easier for me to conceive again the second time. Alhamdulillah…..

Dear Allah we beg for Your Rahmah not to decree upon on us things that we can not bear with.

Ya Allah we beg for Your help for us to be granted thoufeeq to accept easily and redha with everything that has been decreed upon us!

Ameeen ameeen ameeen ya Allah

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