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Thank You For Everything, Allah!

September is a personal month of celebration for me as this is my birth month. However, in this special month, my celebration is not of joy but instead to thank Allah and the many gratitudes that i have to give to Allah.

I am unable to count the bounties that Allah has given me. Even if i did my sujud from the moment i came to earth until i go back to Him, i am unable to give my thanks to for all the many things that were given to me.

This is the month that i was perordained to be delivered to my wonderful beloved parents almost 5 decades ago. Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulilllah for good health.

Alhamdulilllah for a good family.

Alhamdulilllah for the rizq.

Alhamdulilllah for giving me shelter from the heat, rain and cold.

Alhamdulilllah for breathing life into me.

Alhamdulilllah for the hidayah (please keep me steadfast and full of imaan until i go back to You) always.

Alhamdulilllah for everything Allah!

Dear Allah, let me constantly be at all times be thanking You, Allah. Let this be my constant ibadah to You Allah.

Another reason why i would give my gratitude to Allah instead of celebrating…. because – “why do we need to celebrate our time nearing death” but instead my principle in life is to constantly be grateful to Allah for the many years that Allah has granted us with good health and wealth a bounties. So instead of celebrating with others, i would instead revel in my gratitude towards Allah. Alhamdulillah and thank you Allah for everything!

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