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Obligation To Pay Zakat ul Fitr In The Month Of Ramadhan

Islam is a religion that is full of compassion and a religion full of unity and ukhwah in any society. Thus Islam has made it compulsory on every Muslims to make sure the livelihood and welfare of another fellow humans/living things are provided for and to share the bounties of Allah swt together in all and any situations and not to be selfish.

Hence the spirit of Ramadhan is to give as much as you can in order to gain Allah’s rahmah, it is therefore obligated for all muslims to pay zakat ul fitr before the end of Ramadhan.

The sacred month of Ramadhan have cleansed and purified our soul through fasting; zakat ul fitr is made wajib or compulsory on every capable Muslims to further cleanse and purify their body, mind and soul.

On the Day of Eidul Fitr celebration, it is required for every capable Muslims to provide the same facilities such as food, drink, clothing and accommodation for every needy Muslims around his surroundings through Zakathul-Fitr.

Zakathul Fitr is calculated according to the price of the rice of the land, of the year. In Malaysia, in the state of federal territory Kuala Lumpur it is about RM5 in 2015 and RM7 per person in the year of 2020. The amount may change according to the price of the Rice.

Even though contribution of Zakat ul fitr is a small scale of measurement/amount that Allah swt made obligation on every one of us but it would be suffice for the recipient to celebrate Eidul -Fitr as all of us when he/she receives it from many contributors.

Purified soul will be shown immediately of its signs!

• Feeling of compassion for the welfare of others and hasting to shower help on the less advantaged.

• Submitting our gratitude to Allah swt for blessing us with such bounties are certainly a manifested sign that our fasting has accepted by Allah swt. AlhamdulilLah.

• It is also a sign of thanking Allah swt that we are grareful to be able to complete our Ramadhan with ease, and further begging for His thoufeeq for us to be blessed with His Redha, Alhamdulillah.

When to give Zakathul Fitr?

We can give / pay Zakathul -Fitr any time before the end of Ramadhan. But it is made wajib to reach the needy before solah Eidul-Fitr starts, this will make easy for them to purchase and prepare for their Eidul-Fitr, it is prohibited to delay until Solah Eidul-Fitr.

If it is paid after the Solah Eidul-Fitr, it will then be considered as charity, and one has committed a sin for not paying Zakathul-Fitr, therefore loosing all the barakah and rewards for the month of Ramadhan, Naoozubillah min zalik!

Ya Allah grant all of us thoufeeq to obey Your shariah and be blessed with Your Redha, Ameen ya Rabbal Aalameen.

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