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Connect And Communicate Our Concerns To Allah, Our Creator

Assalamualaikum WarahmathulLahi wabarakathuh

Dear respected readers, have you ever felt depressed, anxious, like something is going to happen to you?….. Yes, of course everyone of us!

We, as humans, it is our nature that we may have to face many difficult situations, limitations, concerns, stressed with, failure, many such concerns and worries.

Most of the time we may worry for the unknown things or unknown destiny or for any wrongly triggered reasons….. and yet most of the time such worries are unnecessary… but as human, we have to face and go through all these stressful situations …….

Worrying for the unknown makes us feel depressed and anxious…. however such worries are good and may be a Rahmah from ALLAH swt, the only issue is that sometimes we don’t know what the hikmah behind the worries.

As a social animal, We need to worry for certain circumstances; so we will be aware of our surrounding. Without being worried or cautious, we will not be alert…. or could not reform ourselves to be a better person.

There are good stress that may motivate our minds to worries, such worries are Rahmah from ALLAH swt, as those worries lead us to Tawakkal in ALLAH swt and lead us to shelter ourselves in making dua to ALLAH swt.

These worries could be a triggering factor that we need to start communicating our fears to Allah. Most of the time these worries makes changes inside us, those anxious feelings create stress in our minds towards a certain curiosity …….. whether I am facing all these difficulties are due to my own doings?? or such situation creates questions in our minds to think that what have we done today for Allah?, have we done enough to please Allah? Or whether ALLAH swt will accept our ibadahs or are we submitting to ALLAH swt with sincerity.

Further more the following questions also may trigger with in us!

How should I submit my ibadahs to ALLAH swt?

What types of ibadah presentations would be accepted by ALLAH ?

Would all my ibadah presentations are pleased by ALLAH swt? Or accepted by ALLAH swt

(in sha Allah, this would be another blog coming in the near future – started writing it for the sake of Allah…..)

We need to divert our worries or concerns towards Allah instead. When we have diverted our worries towards Allah, we tend to be less anxious in sha Allah!

When we have diverted our concerns, and we affirm our intention solely for Allah, we will strive to do more for Him and all anxious feelings will somehow go away from us in sha Allah….. because we are striving to do our best for ALLAH ‘swt’……

My dear respected readers, allow me to share this with all of you; I am a person who worries all the time, worry for my children’s health, worry for their education, worry for their aqidah, worry for their future…..(Ya Allah, please keep them safe from any dunya deviations…..ameeeen ya Allah ameeen)

Everytime i have a concern, i would always convey my worries to Allah swt….. He is the only One Who hears all of our pleas and our supplications, and Only He can solve it. Just like prophet Yaakub ‘as’, he only complained to Allah and no one else…..

Other people may have different types of worries, it varies accordingly, only Allah knows….may Allah swt give them peace of mind and solution for their all worries with His Redha.

There is a healthy need to worry, our worry is in fact our dua to ALLAH swt….

Our dua to ALLAH is our shelter from all the fear, that is the real message of our dua to ALLAH swt……

Only ALLAH swt is the shelter, we voice our worries only with Allah. After having established a close relationship with Allah ‘swt’, we should be able to communicate with ALLAH swt – through our dua, only Allah swt Knows all our deepest secrets and concerns…. in sha Allah.

From my childhood, when i was a young girl, i would often worry for people and think a lot about people and their problems. To be honest i dont worry for myself but i worry for those who are near and dear to me!

Luckily, no one knows that i worry about them ……except my ALLAH SWT, people around me never expect that i would worry about them or others because i hardly show my worries…. i would try not to share it with others, i would only communicate my heart’s woes to my Allah the Al-Mighty.

I would convey all my concerns, my needs to Him and only to Him through His Most beautiful 99 names – attributes, His beautiful name “Assamee’u – The One Who Listens to everything” suffice for me and apt shelter for my crying heart.

Voicing my worries to ALLAH swt is a little different from making dua to ALLAH swt; making dua is more specific but conveying our worries to Allah goes deeper into our soul…… it very different indeed! He is the only One who can hear my heart’s woes and worries. I have no one else to turn to when in need…. Except my ALLAH swt; this is the unique beauty of Munajat with ALLAH swt.

In most situations or even always, conversing our worries to our beloved ALLAH swt is much better and easier because, it really comes from the heart… it is a heart to heart talk! And the concerns we have goes directly to our beloved ALLAH swt.

Sometimes we can talk our heart out to our closest friends or counseller or whoever but they can never give the perfect answer…. because they are unable to do so! It never ends with a solution without Allah’s Rahmah; but when we open our heart to Allah, He listens, He will give a solution to anything and everything… alhamdulilllah

Only ALLAH swt has all the solutions, our friends or experts can listen to us, they can try to aleviate our worries by giving an ear or showing solutions but they are also granted very little knowledge and power, thus some problems are beyond their help…. as Human help is always subject to limitation. Only al-Qadiru ( The all Powerful – ALLAH) can solve all the problems.

Whatever worries i have, i will always talk to my beloved Allah, out of His infinite Mercy He is all Listening…… and Answers all our cry – In sha Allah

La Hawla wala Quwwatha Illa BilLah

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