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Solah Our Only Solace

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh….

Wherever or whatever situation it may be, we have to find time to perform the obligatory 5 time solah. It is the main pillar of our Islam.

Allah swt made it obligatory on every Muslim in such a way that every one could easily perform it without any difficulties; for example, there is a prescribed way how to perform Solah for a sick person, traveller, warrior etc….

During solah, we are unable to do anything else but give our full concerntration to our Allah, Our Creator….

Solah is total submission of our body, mind and soul to the One Who Created us.

Without performing 5 time Solah all our other daily ibadahs will be meaningless, nauzubillah.

Solah differentiate between a believer and a non believer, performing 5 time solah on time is a sign of a True believer in ALLAH swt.

The first question asked by Munkar And Nankir when we return to Allah is Did we make our solah?

Solah is prescribed as our only “direct connection” to the One Who Created us.

Solah is performed as directing face to Kaabah in Makkah, a unified direction for all Muslims all over the world…. SubhanaAllah

The uniqueness of solah is that the one who perform it sincerely experience a unique presence of ALLAH swt within him

Solah is unique because :-

  • ALLAH swt prescribed 5 time solah for us to remember Him
  • A direct submission to ALLAH swt on a specific time as prescribed, answering to Allah’s Hukum on time.
  • to ask for a straight path and never deviate us from the route all the time and at any time….
  • To plea our woes and to cry out our deepest secrets
  • To make a heartfelt and sincere dua directly to ALLAH swt
  • A Shelter to place all and everything
  • A point of unique tranquility
  • To ask for forgiveness and do Taubah
  • To ask for a floodgate of rizq and all other hajat.
  • To ask for a happy family, soleh children for those with family….
  • To ask for a soleh spouse for those who are looking for a partner till Jannah
  • To ask for a good job for those who are unemployed
  • To ask for great exam results for those waiting for exams
  • To open the heart to ALLAH for all and everything
  • To ask to relieve our problems whatever it may be
  • Solah is solace for all and everything.
  • To ask for good health and long life
  • to ask for pritection from any plagues like the corona virus nauzibillahiminzaliq
  • to ask Allah to take the chronic illness away for those who may have contracted the illness…nauzubillahiminzaliq

Solah is a shelter for all situations, there are obligatory, nafl and sunnah, hajat, janazah, eid, and many more solah in our Islam.

Every solah has its own significance with prescribed duas and recitations accordingly.

All of these duas/supplication and recitations have been taught by our beloved prophet Muhammad ‘saw’ for different solah at different situations, SubhanaAllah. Always solah and keep calm, Allah’s answer is in your palm and make dua’

Even if we do not know of a specific dua, we can always communicate our concerns to Allah, our Creator, He is ever listening….

If we do not depend and submit ourselves to Allah swt, then WHO else can we rely on?

“Solah is our only Solace”

_What a pity When We perform solah without Allah’s presence within …! A solah without Allah’s Presence within, will never be granted solace 😭_

_What a waste! If a Solah is performed, without its essence and Ruh! We are performing it just for the sake of doing Solah, will never gain solace 😭_

Unfortunately, Most of us, busy busy busy, with the worldly distractions, have no time for Solah and to remember ALLAH swt, this leads us to perform Solah whenever we wish without khushu’, which causes us NOT to fear Allah, even during Solah!!! NaoozubilLah

Many of us go through this because we do not know the spiritual (Ruhiyyah) benefits of doing Solah for the sake of Allah…….nauzubillahi min zalik…..😭

If we have no direction or purpose in our Solah, we will just be doing the act itself without having the closeness and establishing the relationship with Allah swt….

Ya Allah we beg You for Your infinite Mercy to forgive us for all the shortcomings of our Solah

Ya Allah with Your Mercy we beg You to grant us thoufeeq to change our mind towards You and steadfast our hearts with Khushu’ in our Solah.

Ya Allah we seek only for Your Redha and Your Rasul Muhammad SollaLlahu alaihi wa aalih wasallam for You ya ALLAH 🤲🤲🤲

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