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All For You, Allah – Please Accept Our Sincere Ibadah For Ramadhan…

All for You O our beloved Allah

We belong to Allah, all our life is for Allah, in the Name of Allah, for the sake of Allah, we live and die for Allah. Ya Allah accept all our sincere submissions – Ibadah in the month of Ramadhan for You ya Allah.

The blessed month of Ramadhan is very special and it’s days and nights are very blessed for all of us to submit ourselves to Allah swt, the almighty…..

A person only can experience the presence of Allah during his submission of deeds and especially when they do it for the sake of Allah swt.

Ibadah is only accepted when our intention of ibadah is solely for the sake of Allah swt and is done only for pleasing Allah swt.

The month of Ramadhan came and it went by us all quikly! We have utilized our maximum efforts to be blessed with the sacred month.

May Allah swt accept all our ibadah and all our righteous deeds for the whole month of ramadhan!

In doing so, we make dua that Allah accepts all our sincere ibadah of ……..

• reading and understanding the noble Al-Quran
• our solah teraweeh either we do it in solidarity or jemaah with our family members
• our charities those given sincerely
• our sincere fast for the 29/30 days
• our abstaining from doing haram acts
• self restraining from all the prohibitions
• the fasting of our body, mind and soul

……..for us to gain Allah’s redha and mercy and to be a person of taqwa…….ameeen

May Allah swt also ….

• grant all our heartfelt supplications and duas….
• forgive all our sins unknowingly or knowingly committed in past, present and future…….
• protect us from the fires of jahannam….
• to be granted with jannatul firdaous……

🤲🤲🤲Ameeeen Ya Rabbil Alameeen🤲🤲🤲

Please refer to my Surahs And Supplications, My Soul Food blog For the Supplication For Our Deeds To Be Accepted In Ramadhan.

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