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Life In Dunia is Temporary, Akhirah is Forever

SubhanaLlah! All of us have gone through a year of the uneventful episode of corona virus pandemic or better known as covid-19. With so many deaths around us, so many financial crisis that has been presented, tested and affected for our perserverance. Have we not learnt a lesson from it at all???

This is a situation to reflect on and a time for all of us to do a self assessment, to think strategically and plan for the next years ahead and for the future until our final breath to return to our Creator, our ultimate destination, Allahu Akbar!

This clearly shows that our life in this world is only temporary. This life is only a delusion and if we do not keep ourselves on the right path that has been prescribed for us then we will forever be disillusioned….. nauzubiLlahi min zalik.

The Covid 19 pandemic has shown the mankind an abnormal glimpse of life, only One option – either we prostrate to Allah begging for His devine help or just go through with depression due to sickness or loss of a stable income and many more downs in our life. Bear in the mind that this catastrophy is due to a little microscopic germ that has instead taken control of our normal daily life. SubhanaLlah!

The only way to fight this downward curve in our life is to get ourselves aligned on a straight path and to ask Allah, to prosterate before Him, ask forgiveness from Him and to give light into our hearts so that we can start a new life with a steadfastness for the new year and future years in sha Allah!

Dear Allah, please protect all of us from this dusillusioned life. Ameeen ameeen ameeen ya Allah

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