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Reflections Of Ramadhan

The Muslims all over the world has observed the sacred Ramadhan as a month of fasting, piety, reflecting upon oneself, devotion, generosity and sacrifices.

Over many centuries, in the world history, Ramadhan has retained its passionate glories of its spiritual meaning and spreads its unique messages all over the world, Alhamdulillah.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) reported to have said that : “Fasting is half of patience.” Narrated by At-Tirmidhi.

Patience is of three types: patience in obeying Allah, patience in refraining from that which Allah has prohibited, and patience in accepting the decree of Allah when it is hurtful. All three types of patience are combined in fasting.

Every year, the sacred month of Ramadhan have thought us not only to be more patient, but we have also learned to
• sacrifice ourselves for others
• purify the self
• do more charity
• discipline ourselves
• learn to control our nafs
• become more close to Allah
• cleansed heart to a cleansed soul
• Transform the self to be a pious and a taqwa servant of Allah

Only through comprehensive submission we are able to control the self and could be patient with the decree of Allah swt, only then we are able gain our full taqwa and to taste the sweetness of tawakkal in Allah swt

We must submit our whole self completely during our fasting to Allah swt.

Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) said…..A person who gives up false statements, evil deeds and speaking bad words to others, Allah is not in need of his fasting (leaving his food and drink) ….. which means if we are unable to control the fasting of our mind, body and soul, Allah will not accept our fasting…..all for Nought…
nauzubillahi min zalik

May Allah swt grant all of us thoufeeq to fast with our body, mind and soul for us to achieve Allah’s redha and rahmah….ameeen ya Allah!

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