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Our Role Model Defines Who We Are…

Assalamualaikum….warahmathulLahi wabarakathuh. Respected readers, have you come across this question in your life or during your school days, did your teachers ever ask you this question? Who are your role models? How do you aspire to be like them? I remember this….. when i was in school, this was one of the favourite questions withContinue reading “Our Role Model Defines Who We Are…”

“Realization Of Life’s Objectives” Through Aqidah

Assalamualaikum to my readers….. Alhamdulilllah, my heart is still being guided to write about the glories of Allah swt, our Creator the Al-Mighty…. May Allah swt grant thoufeeq for me to do so.   Dear brothers and sisters, thank you for following my blog…Alhamdulillah. After having gone through 2 decades of self realization and beenContinue reading ““Realization Of Life’s Objectives” Through Aqidah”