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Physiological Benefits Of Fasting In The Month Of Ramadhan

Allahu Akbar, Time is running very fast! The sacred month of Ramadhan came and went by us. SubhanalLah.

Let us cry to Allah swt that all our ibadahs and supplications be granted in this sacred month of Ramadhan to be blessed with Allah’s Rahmah.

Let us also pray to our beloved Allah swt that this year’s fasting would bring a lot of Rahmah to our life that we may blessed with multitude progress such as………

Spiritually towards Allah:
• our faith in Allah is stronger
• building our taqwa towards Allah swt
• establishing a relationship with Allah swt
• training ourselves to be more sincere, for sincerity reflects a pure qalb (heart)
• able to control our nafs from all prohibitions
• could cleanse our qalb and fill with light of Allah swt
• could achieve peace for our body, mind and soul

• to discipline ourselves for self-endurance and patience
• to achieve strong self discipline
• to self restrain from deviations
• to gain physical and mental strength

• to achieve more communal feeling and ukhuwwah
• to feel and act with compassion towards others
• to feel more empathy towards others.
• to feel helping others is a obligated religious duty

• to gain good digestion
• to achieve balanced metabolism
• to control cholesterol and sugar level in our blood
• to boost immunity power and many more benefits.

Ya Allah grant all of us healthy body, mind and soul physiologically and spirituality with Your infinite mercy and bless all of us with Your Redha in dunia and akhirat.

Ameeen Ya Allah Ameeen

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