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The Infinite Virtues of Doing Umrah and Haj

Assalamualaikum WarahmathulLahi wabarakathuh

Dear respected readers, Thank you for reading my humble blog…..
May Allah swt reward for your time and grant all the barakah in dunia and akhirat

In my previous blog, I have mentioned about the preparations of our mind, body , soul , adab and akhlaq when visiting Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Madinah Al-Munawarrah

By ALLAH’s infinite mercy having prepared ourselves to perform ibadah Umrah / Haj we need to know more about the virtues of performing Umrah and Haj.… to achieve Allah’s Redha and to be blessed with His infinite blessings in dunia and akhirat.

My dear brothers and sisters; Certainly, there is no other better opportunity in our life than “Being invited as Allah’s honoured guests” to His sacred BaithuLlah. Alhamdulillah.

Our granted benefits and graces are abundant, no one is qualified to count ALLAH’s bounties that ALLAH SWT has bestowed up on every one of us, Alhamdulillah.

Realization of our closeness with our beloved ALLAH swt and His beloved Nabi Muhammad Solla Llahu alaihi wa aalih wasallam itself is the highest Rahmah of ALLAH swt that His slaves can be achieved.

The virtues of being on the sacred land

  1. Full submission of our soul, mind and body completely to ALLAH swt …….
  2. Cleansing of the soul from past sins ……,,,,through Taubah Annasuha.
  3. Beg ALLAH swt for Protection from proverty
  4. Thank to Allah swt that you are blessed with abundantly, rewarded abundantly for all your submissions of prayers and other ibadah on the sacred land itself……
  5. You are here in this sacred land, ….As a fulfilment to one of Allah’s commands , answering for His call to His sacred land…to be pleased by Him.
  6. Your presence in the sacred land; certainly….among the best deeds of pleasing Allah swt and His Messenger (saw) and is a sign of your Iman to ALLAH swt.

These are some of the clear benefits that we know of when we do our Umrah or Haj sincerely …….but in addition to all these … we should not forget that our wish or whatever we beg ALLAH swt on the sacred land will be granted immediately…. this is a sign of truth ….SubhanaLlah

A doa from mother to her child, in any circumstances, a mother’s doa is like an arrow that never misses. It goes straight from her heart to ArshuLlah……so always make good doa to our children, In sha Allah which is a miraculous truth in the sacred land. The Mount Safa, Marwa and the well of Zam Zam are one of the manifested signs of a mother’s dua answered. SubhanaAllah

A child’s dua for the parents, we know that a soleh child’s doa also has no barrier, what more if the soleh child does it on the sacred land. … AllahuAkhbar.

Subhanallah, not forgetting the spontaneous manifestation of Allah’s reward for true Lovers in the sacred Land, a loving husband’s doa to his beloved wife and vice versa, AllahuAkbar. The history of Nabi ALLAH Ibrahim (as) and his beloved wife Hajrah. Their mutual affectionate Love, sacrifice, and ALLAH swt answered their duas , all these are the living signs of pure, sincere Love between husband and wife and hence ALLAH swt answered their dua.

The reason for all these divinely graced manifestations are based on the “ Relationship”, because all these relationships are created for the sake of ALLAH and that will lead us all to jannah….

All these bounties of ALLAH, will always be granted when we make the dua sincerely….. in this sacred Land, In sha Allah..

The infinite virtue of doing our ibadah here not only lies in our adab and akhlaq to Allah but Allah wants to see our adab and akhlaq to another person.…..this is the fulfillment of Habluminannas. This is when the true test is, Allah is testing our patience with the antics of another human be it with a mother, father, a child or just anyone…… SubhanaAllah…. The more patient we are, the more Allah will reward in sha Allah.

Subhanallah, with Allah’s rahmah, this is what i have realized during my Umrah journey, this time, and also through my own experience,……. when I could see the parents take their children to perform solah in Masjidil Haram, the parent may not be able to fulfill their own optional prayers or could give full concentration on their own individual ibadahs, but has to give special attention and care for their young children ……but, this is what considered as the infinite virtue is; parents teaching their younger generation to love Allah and not be self consumed in just doing their own ibadah…. SubhanAllah! What a wonderful sight!!!!!

Further more a son or a daughter pushing their old/ailing mother or father on a wheelchair to pray in the masjid, the infinite reward lies in the son’s or daughter’s sacrifice for Allah. The bounties also goes to anyone helping or aiding another person in doing their ibadah. These are some of the infinite blessings that we tend to oversee. May Allah open our hearts, in sha Allah.

Giving limited space to another jamaah so that they also can pray together in Masjidil Haram, the infinite bounties lies in us giving up our personal space for another person.

Doing tawaf and sa’i in an orderly manner so no one is pushing the other, giving way to another person so everyone can have the same opportunity to do their ibadah, this is where lies the infinite prize is…..SubhanAllah

Apart from solah, doing tawaf and sai’, reading the Quran, zikrullah, giving sadaqah, there are so many other infinite merits here such as performing solah janazah for the deceased after our compulsory five time prayers in Masjidil Haram; it is so simple, and yet taken lightly as the reward for doing this solah is as big as the Uhud mountains, SubhaAllah.

Usually solah sunnah after Fajr and Asr is prohibited but here on the sacred land, there is no such haram doing the solah sunnah after Fajr or Asr.

Subhanallah, we are unable to count the bounties of ALLAH in the sacred land, even in drinking zam zam water while looking at the kaabah is also rewarded. !!!!!!!

Allah does not limit his rewards for doing solah only, but every good deeds are rewarded, He will be certain that feeding birds also will be rewarded too….. Those helping the elderly will also be rewarded……

These are some of the known realities and recompensed abundantly for the pilgrims in the sacred land and uncountable numbers of other rewards are unknown to us and would be rewarded accordingly for each, and every virtues of doing our ibadah on the sacred land recorded as our amal Solih

Do you aware that how gifted you are ……as you are granted thoufeeq to reach in these sacred land.!!!!!

Wouldn’t you do your ibadah here, stopping all other meaningless activities ????????

Ya Allah grant us all Your Infinite thoufeeq and make our every seconds towards You for us to be forgiven and be blessed in our dunia and in our solitude grave life.

Ya Allah bless us with Your Redha

WabiLLahi Thoufeeq wal Hidayah

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