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‘The Power of Dua’- Keep Calm, Allah’s Answer Is In Our Palm

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh….

Why do we need to make dua for everything, everytime and in every situation?

ALLAH swt says:

وإذا سألك عبادى عنى فإنى قريب أجيب دعوة الداعى إذا دعان فليستجيبوا لى وليؤمنوا بى لعلهم يرشدون

When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer (Dua) of every suppliant when he calleth on Me: Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me: That they may walk in the right way. (AlBaqarah 186)

Dua is a shield for the believers, only if we do it sincerely and wholeheartedly……

When we make dua, we are submitting all our needs to ALLAH with our full trust and tawakkal in Allah, there should not be any doubts about it….dua must be done with full of confidence and trust that, certainly our dua is answered.

My respected readers may I share this with you all,
When I was in Makkah alMukarromah for my haj pilgrimage in the year of 2010, a decade ago, a cousin of mine gave this good advice, which i never forget in my entire life, and i practice it always, at all the time in my life, with full of confidence. BiauniLlah.

That precious advice was nothing but to MAKE DUA TO ALLAH SWT! Yes just to make dua to ALLAH swt that our entire jamaa’ are kept safe from all the sickness and musibah during our hajj trip. Alhamdulilllah….

The advice was strictly in just making supplications to ALLAH swt to be protected from the normal hajj tour sicknesses such as coughing, throat pain and flu-fever.

Alhamdulilllah, the miracle happened, all the members of our jamaah were protected and all of us were healthy and safe from all such sickness, Subhanallah!!

This is the power of our dua……which manifested in our own life and we had witnessed this miracle !!!

Allah is Great! He is ever listening and knowing. Any supplications can be used in any situation, while travelling, at home, at work, whilst facing a certain musibah, asking for forgiveness and it can even be done wherever we are.

The beauty is that dua can be done at anytime in sha Allah, whenever we see an ailing person, make dua that Allah swt may give shifa to him, the dua also can be made for you yourself and also for others at any time…… it so simple but very precious and unique, Subhanallah.

I am sharing this most blessed information and further little bit of knowledge, on this specific topic of the power of Dua, In sha Allah….

Making Dua to our ALLAH swt is in our aqidah. The strength of our dua depends on our “realization of life’s objective” through aqidah, how sincere we are and how strong we are with our faith in ALLAH swt that will reflect in our Dua and in its fruits. BiauniLlah

Dua is the marrow of all our ibadahs to ALLAH swt and so our obvious enemy -Shaithan doesn’t like we make Dua and blessed with its ijabah from ALLAH swt.

When we Make dua to ALLAH swt sincerely, a special bond is established between the servant and ALLAH swt creating a special relationship with Allah ‘swt’, which will prevent Iblis and Shaithan from entering to our heart and divert us from Allah swt. Hence Dua itslef is a weapon to be protected from Iblis and Shaithan.

Thats why our Nabi SollaLlahu alaihi wa aalih wa sallam taught us particular Duas for all the situations, Subhanallah!!! Each and every acts in Islam there is a Dua to start and end with.

A special blog; Surahs And Supplications, My Soul Food has been created just for us to supplicate and make dua to our Creator in sha Allah….

When we ask Allah swt, Allah swt will send immediately His Rahmah to us, His glorious presence will be experienced immediately within our heart and in the remembrance of almighty Allah swt and the manifestation of Allah’s Nur, iblis and Shaithan has no way to remain inside our heart or to enter to our concious mind in order to diviate us….
Allahu Akbar!!!

When we make dua, we are begging our Allah swt, Who Created us, to protect us or to prevent us from certain musibah/situation, and from all the difficulties or any specific predicament…… wherever or however or at whatever situation it may be, in whatever way it could be, we make our Dua sincerely to our ALLAH swt it will be accepted and answered, even at times unnecessary to utter by lips but a cry of our heart itself, would be answered certainly, if it is done sincerely and with full of hope in Allah’s help.

“A sincere dua can change a person’s peedecament or dire situation! In sha Allah”

Doa also comes, in any form, from another person’s sincere heart, when we help them or ease their problem, this is a very blessed opportunity as our Deen always encourages us to do this and to be achieved victories.

This is because when someone helps you, you don’t wish them bad things or ill feelings at all ….. but wished is only grateful for them instead; and eagerly wished them well and more what they are given, bear in the mind that you are chosen by ALLAH swt to solve their problem, this is a lucky draw indeed, that you are chosen and you are selected by ALLAH swt to help them and also to be blessed by their Dua.

For example, when you wish for someone a good thing such as good health etc, the dua goes back to you, more than you wish for others inshaAllah…. as ALLAH swt loves the one who makes Dua for others and also ALLAH SWT appointed angels to say Ameen whenever you make Dua for others.

ALLAH swt granted us a most powerful weapon than everything else and placed it in our palm. An answered supplication can be made from a person whose sincerity reflects a pure qalb. It is in your own possession – your ownership “ Your Dua – just raise it through your hands “ to make a sincere supplication to ALLAH swt, that is the Most powerful energy that ever available in this universe.

The Power Is granted – In Your Own Palm, Always Utilize it Sincerely – Your Dua to Your ALLAH swt

Your Salvation only
through your Dua to your
Allah swt
Rozana Zeti

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