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Secrets To A Successful Supplication That Will Be Accepted By Allah

Why Some Supplications Are More Successful Than Others?

Adab of making supplication begin with
BismiLlahi Rrohmaani Rroheem followed by
Tahmid – Alhamdulilllah and Solawat Allahumma Solli wa Sallim ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa aalih then after ……
Our Supplication ….and finish with Tahmid and
Solawat -Allahumma Solli wa Sallim ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa aalih

During the supplication.

1) First of all Beg Allah swt for forgiveness

2) Clear our conscience and submit ourselves totally to Allah swt. Allah is the granter of our dua, so we must submit ourselves whole heartedly to our Creator and the Granter of our dua

3) Cleanse our qalb totally. Dont have any ire for other people.Allah swt only maqbul Dua’ from a pure heart.

4) Be grateful with what Allah swt has given us. “Those who are grateful, He will surely give more”

5) Communicate and supplicate to Him sincerely from the bottom of our heart about our woes and worries….Allah swt is ever Listening, Allah swt promised that He will answer our Dua’, Allah swt will never break His promise.

6) Make the dua for the sake of Allah swt :

•   For a good health – to do more ibadah for the sake of Allah
•   For more wealth – to do more for doing Allah’s work, give more towards charity and as a big enormous amanah that we must carry for the sake of Allah swt.

7) When we have made all the promises to Allah swt. we must then fulfill all our promises. Allah swt is all Knowing, He Knows our past, present and future, He Knows what is in our intention and what is in our mind. So, if our intention is “not to fulfill “our promise from the beginning itself, do you think that Allah swt will grant our dua and supplications? Please think honestly.

8) Make dua and supplicate to Allah all the time, at every time and at any situation and whenever and everywhere possible. Let our breath in and out be a supplication to Allah swt.

9) Help others, must have ihsan. Allah swt will have mercy when we are merciful to Allah’s creatures, Habluminannas.

10) Do not be unjust towards others, Allah swt will not answer our Dua’. Allah swt do not like injustice as Allah swt is Justice.

11) Our income must be from halal sources, our eating drinking, wearing, living, and everything must be in halal.

12) Sincerely make good – positive dua for others in their absence, so, the angels will say “may the same be granted to you”.

13) Make Dua’ with full of hope in Allah swt that your dua’ certainly be answered and “Be firm and with full of tawakkal and trust in Allah swt when we make our supplication”.

14) Our supplication MUST BE SPECIFIC. Although Allah knows what are in our hearts, we still need to communicate them to our creator. Allah wants us to Connect And Communicate Our Concerns To HIM – Allah, Our Creator.


Dear Allah we beg for Your forgiveness, we beg for Your help and we beg for Your answer for all our sincere supplications
Ya Allah with Your infinite Rahmah please accept all our supplications and duas to You. Ameeen Ameen Ameen Ya Allah

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