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Allah swt Comes First!

Today is blessed because today is the first anniversary day of my blog Alhamdulillah we completed one year with the great Rahmah and Barakah of our beloved Allah swt.

Ya Allah I beg for Your forgiveness and wholeheartedly submit
my body, mind and soul only for You and for Your forgiveness, HasbiyaLlah.

Thank you my dear Allah
– Lakal Hamdu walaka shukr hatha thardha-i beg You for Your infinite mercy to shower Your solawat and salam on Your beloved Muhamamd (saw) and his beloved family and thoufeeq for all of us to follow his sunnah and to be blessed with his shafaa’.

Ya Allah for You, Iam thanking all the followers and readers of my blog and also I beg You to grant all of them Your Rahmah, Maghfirah and success in dunia and akhirat.

Dear followers, readers and well -wishers of my blog, I thank all of you for your continuous support and reading my humble articles and blogs.

I started this blog to share my own personal life journey and the realized spiritual experiences through internalizing our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw)’s role model – path to be blessed with the Redha of our beloved Allah swt. Who Created all of us.

Since, today is the first day of 2021, in this first day itself, let all of us do a covenant that, all of us will place Allah swt as our First. Allah swt Be number one in all our steps and movements of our lives, let only for His sake all our life.

Everything we do only for Allah swt, just to please Him. Obey all His rules and laws. No matter what the situation it may be, in stormy and rainy days or in sunny and wonderful days, during difficult and easy time ….trust in Allah swt and only live for the sake of Allah swt. In all our situations let us always keep Allah in our hearts, and run the life just to please Him alone! Allahu Akbar.

In this life, there should not be anyone else who would come first in our life except our beloved Allah, yes Only Allah swt. This is because we live and die for Allah swt. Allah is our Creator and we are the created, we must always devote ourselves totally to our beloved Allah swt Who Created all of us and everything.

Dear Allah, please keep us steadfast always on Your straight path and protect all of us from all fithnah and musibah. Ameeen ameeen ameen Ya Allah

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