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Why Does Allah swt Test Us?

Each one of us has our own struggles….
Family, finances, sickness, death and many more….

Why does Allah swt test His weak and dependent servants?

Only Allah swt knows the real reason, some time it could be a way for us to get close to Allah swt and His Dheen.

At certain time Allah swt may give us reminders through trials and tribulations for us to be aware that we are created weak and  always in constant need to return to Allah swt for His help for all the problems and issues that we may face.

At certain time, this is to warn us not to go astray and not to keep away from Allah. Sometimes, when we have not been tested, we tend to forget and be lost in our dunya diversions….. and with dunia amusements.

At certain time, to test our faith in Allah whether we are happy with Allah’s taqdir or not, or whether we are ready to preservere, sabar with the test that was given or not. Patience is half of Iman in Allah swt and it has many rewards.

At certain time it could be a test, to examine whether we are thankful for Allah’s given bounties, and for all the situations whether we have full tawakkal and trust in Allah or not?

At certain time, it could be a test to strengthen our status to be nearer to jannah. The enjoyments of Jannah – paradise which will be eternal and forever, an incomparable beautiful place which is unimaginable…. thus Allah swt may test some of us to maintain the faith to enter jannah through steadfast with sabar and faith in Allah swt.

Dear Allah, we beg for Your infinite Mercy and forgiveness please keep us steadfast in Your religion and do not impose on us trials tribulations those we can not bear with.

Ya Allah we beg for Your Rahmah to protect all of us from going astray. Ya Allah we beg for Your forgiveness to protect all of us from all kinds of tribulations that we are constantly being tested. Ameen ameen ameeen Ya Allah!

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