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We Are Trustees Of This Earth

Not only the world is going through its most vicious unseen enemy to human kind, corona virus but at the same time, we are going through a world disaster such as hurricanes, flooding, famine and extreme weathers that are beyond our control.

Why is this happening? Why is the world going through such horrific events?

Could it be us? We the
humankind who have entrusted to care for the earth are also the ones who have been responsible for these disasters. We have not been respectful to mother nature. We have been plunging the earth without a care.

Allah swt says: Evil (fasad) has appeared in Al-Barr (land) and Al-Bahr (sea) because of what the hands of men have earned, that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, in order that they may return, (30:41).

Human corrupts and damages the balance of this world. Allah swt appointed human to look after this world but they are destroying it!

After all, we are the trustees of these earth. We have been given a responsibility to make sure that it is kept in balance at all times…

However as trustees, we have not been doing our duties and also our responsiblities to keep the earth in balance. AsthaghfiruLlah

We are also the ones who have to answer to these destructions that we are facing now.

So, how do we “right” what has been done wrong? How do we cure the earth of its illness?

The answer lies within ourselves, our self-conscious in doing what is right and keeping it right always ….and stop doing the wrong and keep avoiding doing the wrong!

All these guidelines have been described in the noble al Quranul-Kareem, therefore we need to read, digest and practice what has been decreed so we will not go astray…. Allahu Akbar.

Dear Allah, we beg You for Your infinite mercy to steadfast all of us on straight path and keep us aligned so we can still preserve the earth for future generations to come. Subhana Allah.

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