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Take Small Steps In Religion…. The Next Move After Ramadhan

The month of Shawaal is a month of celebrating our victory in fighting our nafs, our desires and subduing our needs to do more important deeds instead.

Shawaal is a month to achive success and to have a progressive continuity towards betterring ourselves to a life of more piety and taqwa than we were before.

After a month of submission to Allah swt in Ramadhan, we need to reform and transform ourselves. However, our transformation has to be according to how much we have achieved during the month of Ramadhan.

Allah swt is Merciful, we need not be extreme in our Religion but to take one step at a time, as Islam is a practical way of life.

Allah swt prescribed Islamic laws with simplicity and easy. We need to be doing our practices according to our pace and our momentum. Do not overwhelm or over burden ourselves with the religion. If we over do ourselves with it, we tend to be over taxed and swamped we will not be enjoying or feel the beauty of Islam itself and feel that the religion is forced upon us…. so take one step at a time, enjoy the journey and not be bogged down by it. Biznillah Allah will ease the journey especially when we strive hard towards Allah swt.

A beautiful example of this is how our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw), his beloved family and companions practiced Islam. Subhana Allah!

Their life style and methods clearly shows that we too need to ease ourselves and be comfortable with the sunnah that we have inherited, and not to be extreme.

We are prescribed to strictly adhere to the sunnah of our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) in all our steps. Islam and it’s all teachings are simple and easy.
Subhana Allah.

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